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Inanimate means not having life or spirit; lacking consciousness or power of motion.
An object that has no life, like a teddy bear for example, is an inanimate object. Though plants are living organisms, they are considered inanimate objects.
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Is plant inanimate?

the most obvious answer to that question would be no because it is alive , but if ur taking inanimate as meaning not moving...plants are not inanimate as many do indeed move t

Are robots animate or inanimate?

Robots are inanimate as they do not have independent thought. Though they can move and interact with their environments, this is only after having instructions programmed into

Is a train an inanimate object?

Yes it is.

How do you spell inanimate?

That is the correct spelling of "inanimate" (unmoving, by extension non-living).
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What are inanimate things?

Not alive, esp. not in the manner of animals and humans. . Showing no sign of life; lifeless.
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Are machines inanimate?

Machines are inanimate. Machines do not eat, sleep, rest, breathe, and they do not have a heart beat. Machines are just objects, inanimate objects for the use of humans.