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Non-renewable means it is relating to a natural resource that cannot be replaced once it has been extracted or procured.
A non-renewable recourse is a resource that once used or attained will not come into being again. Oil is a non-renewable resource, after it is pumped up out of the ground all you have is an empty cave under the ground that will never have oil in it again. Most materials that are mined such as coal metals and other chemicals are in the same boat. That is we will one day have to depend on recycling everything in order to have the materials we need to make things. And still we have an economic system that needs to double in size every 20 years and getting closer to work.

It won't last forever. It's a natural resource that can't be produced, re-grown, regenerated, or reused.
Short Answer:

Nonrenewable resources are resources we use and are disappearing and won't be replenished. The important nonrenewable resources are the ones we are running out. Fossil fuels and metals are the ones of concern currently. These can not be created and do not naturally return to their original forms.

Better Answer:

Nonrenewable resources generally fall into the category of things that were here before Humans were and are disappearing and won't be returning anytime soon.

The most common examples are sources of energy (fossil fuels, fissionable uranium) and metals but those are only the nonliving examples.

Fossil fuels include these.

Natural gas

Renewable energy resources include these examples.

Water (hydroelectric, tidal, etc.)

Metals, some of which are already nearly gone, include these.

Uranium (Also an energy source.)

(Aluminum and iron and other recyclables, like glass, are not on this list because the reason to recycle is more related to saving the energy to mine and manufacture new materials and keeping the old materials out of the landfills.)

Metals can be recycled (uranium has other issues), but not after they have gone into a landfill (e.g. Indium, Antimony). Also, running out can't be solved by just by recycling when the resource is still in use. (You won't recycle the copper wire in your home to build homes for other people.)

Nonrenewable Biological Resources

Of course, the extinction of many species of plants and animals may or may not be considered a "resource," but that happens pretty much every day. Humans are also consuming land for agriculture and losing coral reefs and rain forests. Biodiversity is a very real nonrenewable resource.

Finite Renewable Resources:

Renewable does not mean an unlimited supply. Fresh water is renewable (It rains.), but the unallocated supply is dwindling and we can't really make it rain more than it does. The same for wood (Trees grow.), but it is used faster than it is renewed and renewing more cuts into land for agriculture and biodiversity.
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Nonrenewable resources generally fall into the category of things that were here before Humans were. The most common examples are sources of energy (fossil fuels) and metals.