What is the definition of pastoral poem?

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A Pastoral poem is one in which country characters, usually shepherds, discuss the big questions about life and love. The notion that simple rural folk have a profound understanding of things comes from idillic literature of ancient Greece and Rome.
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What are some famous pastoral poems?

The 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love' is considered one of themost well known pastoral poems. Another famous example is 'TheShepherdÕs Garland' by Michael Drayton.

Give an example of a pastoral poem?

An example of a pastoral poem is The Passionate Shepherd to HisLove made by Christopher Marlowe. The shepherd woos his love andlets her know the virtues of the pastoral life.

What does pastoral poem mean?

It is a poem which uses imagery of shepherds, shepherdesses and idyllic country life. Marlowe's A Passionate Shepherd to his Love is an example.

A mock-epic pastoral poem?

A mock epic or mock pastoral poem are not necessarily the same thing, though they could be. In a broad sense, the mock epic is a poem that satirizes epic poetry's form and sty

What qualities define a pastoral poem?

Pastoral poems are about countryside and natural beauty and sheperds etc. Rural things. Pastoral poems are nice and tranquil and make the the place look almost exemplary.
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How many lines are in pastoral poem?

A pastoral poem only means a poem in which the life of shepherds, flocks, herds, country life, rural scenes are described. It is not a poetic form. There is no upper or lower
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What did the Greek and Roman pastoral poems do?

Greek and Roman pastoral poems did what all pastoral poems do. A pastoral poem is about pastoral life; that is, the life of shepherds. The word pastoral is derived from pastor