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A perpetrator is a person who commits a serious crime or evil action, causing grievous harm or death to the victim. It is also used of those who commit atrocities.
Someone who performs a particular act. - In common American usage, now seems to indicate a criminal act, BUT this is not the true meaning.
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What is your reaction to the incidence of female perpetrators of physical dating violence?

If a person is violent to another in a relationship, even just dating, that person should be avoided. No one has the right to physically hurt another except in self defense. M

What does perpetrator mean?

The person who does something. Usually it's something bad. "A murder has been committed, but police have caught the perpetrator"

Who were the perpetrators of the Holocaust?

Perpetrators were those who did the killing. The legal deffinition is a bit larger, including those who ordered the actions also. The moral deffinition larger still, it includ

Who are the perpetrators of cyber bullying?

  Although cyberbullying might appear to be simply another means used by "traditional" bullies to reach their target, the virtual attributes of the Internet have fostered

Can you use instigator and perpetrator in a sentence?

Hi you can use it in a sentence were you are explaining the person's stand or behavior.   Like   He is a man of cold heart, brutal tyrant.    If you want to use