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What is the density of marble?

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2600 - 2900 kg/cu.mA

[A] Cobb, F. (2009) Structural Engineer's Pocket Book. 2nd Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.
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If the density of one marble is 2.5 gcm3 what is the density of four marbles?

  Density is mass per unit volume. More marbles is more mass, but will be more volume as well. If the marbles are all the same, any number of them will have the same densi

What is the density of marble rock?

Marble has a specific gravity of 2.56.

How do you measure the density of a marble?

It would probably be much more accurate if you dealt with 100 marbles. First you weight all the marbles together to determine their weight (mass). Then you would use a measuri
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How do you find density of a marble?

Assuming it is a round marble (spherical actually) one first has to weigh it. Next one has to measure its diameter using a micrometer or a vernier scale. Halve the diameter to