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    • Diet pills. sometimes some yogurt. if you starve yourself your body goes into starvation mode. it begins by eating your muscles away til they're gone. the second you start eating again, it latches onto the energy and stores it improperly causing you to gain weight, maybe even more than before you lost weight. Anorexia is a terrible, terrible way to lose weight. there are much much much much healthier ways. Do not aim for skinny and unhealthy, aim for fit. try to be toned, not itty bitty twig. if you are working out and building muscle (low weight high reps, strong, long, and lean muscles, very attractive) you need to eat protein at every meal. One third of your diet should be carbs, and no more. once you reach your target, a little less than half of your diet should be carbs for healthy food intake. eat a banana for dessert instead of cake, it helps your muscles.
    • I have a Goddaughter that has Anorexia and the one thing I have noticed is Anorexics often love to cook for others, but seldom eat what they cook. She sticks to more fruits, veggies, salads, no protein, waters down her orange juice and spreads her food on her plate to make it look like more. She also will use ways of getting one's attention onto something else other than her eating. When not eating properly young women with Anorexia will cease to have their periods and this is not healthy and can cause a myriad of health problems as they grow older. She is in counseling and not one of us mention her eating habits when we are around her. It only agitates the situation. Of course we are keeping an eye on things for her healths sake. She is tall and putting on a little more weight slowly. She is also active. It truly amazes my husband and I as she loved all cultures of food. Her mother is Asian, her father Caucasian and they loved food and ate anything from Greek, Asian foods and so did my Goddaughter. Now it troubles us to see her eat very little and it all started when she was around 14. Protein such as meats, seafood, dairy and beans are great for the brain and without it, the brain starves. The person may become light-headed or dizzy and finds it difficult to concentrate thus, they can do poorly in school or in the workplace. Leafy green vegetables and grains are excellent to clean out the body and keep the intestines and colon clean. Water (8 - 8 ounces of water) helps to flush out fats and other toxins in the body and keep liver and kidneys clean and healthy. Other vegetables are also a necessity for the body. Anorexia is a mental disorder. Generally a person with Anorexia feels they don't have their total independence or any control over their lives and they have usually be regimented in their past daily lifestyle. The only control they have is what they eat or don't eat (this also can include the elderly in nursing homes.) The person sees themselves as "too fat" or "not perfect." We can thank their peers, advertisers, actors, models for this. Even clothes designers can be blames for the skeletal look in young women. The good news is that "wholesome, well-rounded figures are now in and the twiggy look is out!" Western countries are now looking more into the diets of all of society ... some too over-weight, others too thin or in an Anorexic or Bulimic state. There is no such thing as "Perfection" and thus, striving to attain it through body imagine is a useless cause. If one eats well, drinks that water, exercises then what they turn out to be is who they should be. It is also noted by a panel of young men in a study that they don't enjoy dating girls that are under-weight and refuse to eat a decent meal they have paid for and find it annoying when a young woman picks at her salad and then says she's full. If you or anyone you know has Anorexic or Bulimic qualities about them it's important to let them know there is help out there if they want it.
    • One Diet is to eat only buttered bread and pints of water. In around four days you will start too see your rib cage. you MUST Stop when you see your ribs and eat mainly celery and very low calorie food. If you tell people about your 'diet' they may think you are doing it for attention or your a poser. If you know anyone Who is anorexic or bulimic tell a person you trust. Remember : Anorexia is a psychological problem.

  • Would you rather look good for a little while, or wear a size ten and be able to take advantage of a full lifetime of opportunities? I'm 20 years old, and also suffered from anorexia when I was 15, before it became as publicized as it is now. When I was admitted into the hospital, the doctor's said my heart was 2 days away from stopping, and my blood pressure was so low I should be on the ground convulsing. I weighed 70lbs. I didn't realize until after I was out of the hospital 2 1/2wks later, how bad i looked before when I saw a picture of myself. It truly is a psycological problem, things that happened in my life that i didn't deal with at the time brought me to this. I'm so blessed to still be alive, and i couldn't imagine missing out on my life because of this disease. I don't believe these are "tips" on how to be anorexic, I believe there more of warning signs, because all of the things listed above, I was doing about 99% of those. I reach out to anyone that suffers from this, it is a life long battle. Although I've been lucky enough not to relapse, there's still days I look in the mirror and think "yeah you could lose a few lbs" I weigh 100lbs, and i know if anything i should gain a few lbs, but there's always gonna be that idea in the back of my mind that i could improve my body.
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What are most anorexics?

Most anorexics tend to be women (about 90%). A majority are from middle- or upper-class families, and live in areas of "western" society. This is west-Europe and the Americas.

Why do anorexics drink diet soda?

Diet soda has little to no calories (depending on the brand or type). Anorexics do not want calories. Soda, even diet soda, will have more tastes than, say, water, so it will

How can you be healthy and anorexic?

You can not be healthy and anorexic. Anorexia is a disease.  Starving yourself is never the answer. People think eating a lot of  food is bad, but if you eat a lot of veggie

Do anorexics have cellulite?

Yes, it is possible. Not all anorexics are underweight, and cellulite can appear on "thin" people. Cellulite is in realtion to the distribution of fat, not the amount of fat p

Do you choose to be anorexic?

some say its a lifestyle choice, but if you REALLY are anorexic, it isn't a choice, its a mental state that you are cursed with until you get medical help.

If Starvation diets don't work then how do anorexics lose weight?

I can tell you this from experience. Starvation diets don't work because the word 'diet' means for a short period of time, or for a period of time. Starvation diets work for a

What to do when anorexic?

  I would tell someone right away. I know it is harder said than done, but i knew someone who tried to commit suicide because of this. If you tell someone, they will not t

How do you look anorexic?

You will look anorexic if you have anorexia, abuse stimulants, or if you are fighting a serious illness or infection.

Why do anorexics use painkillers as diet pills?

That is not commonly done. Anorexics will sometimes abuse painkillers in order to relieve their bodies of the stress that lack of proper nutrition and excessive exercise can p

Does anorexic diets mixed with yoga help with weight loss?

Absolutely not. Your body gains weight when it thinks that you need it. In other words, you gain weight when your body thinks you are starving. If you are starving yourself, y

Why do anorexics bloat?

Anorexics may bloat because they tend to live off of water and coffee, but they also might eat a candy bar or something else during the day to keep their energy up.

Can cows be anorexic?

Answer: hahha, animals can not be anorexic, they don't have the brain humans have to send them negative signals that make them stop eating. animals will eat if they can, but a

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How do you become anorexic?

Anorexia nervosa is a severe and dangerous eating disorder.  It is a form (some say symptom) of a deeper mental illness. You  can't just decide to be sick.    Here is

Is Jada anorexic?

Jada Pinkett has spoken publicly about her struggles with anorexia.  She still avoids eating the foods she enjoys to keep a slender  figure.