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  • Internet with a capital "I" refers to the entire Internet (meaning the biggest collection of networks on the planet) .
  • Internet with a lowercase "i" refers to any group of networks that are connected together. Internet with a lowercase "i" can also be used as an adjective to refer to things related to the Internet (uppcase "I" ) or a private network - internet with a lowercase "i".
  • Intranet refers to a single inter-connected network within one organization that uses HTTP/Web technologies for the sharing of information internally. In other words you could string together intranets to make your own private internet. You could then conceivably connect your internet to the Internet.
BTW: The WWW is not the same thing as the Internet. WWW only refers to servers running the HTTP/HTTPS service on the Internet.
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The internet ? An internet?     To be exact in the answer. There is no difference.    However, in grammar we use 'an' if a noun begins with a  vowel sound. A