What is the difference between Aspergers and autism and Down syndrome?

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I have a brother who has Downs Syndrome. He has learning difficulties and his speech isn't too good but his family can understand him... only some of his words are understandable by everybody, and Downs Syndrome people aren't too good at learning from their mistakes, so you have to keep reminding them.

There is a big difference! Reply A is right about Down syndrome, but I'll add that people with Down syndrome also physically look different as people with autism usually look normal. But I'm just going to tell you a bit about autism.

Autism (including Aspergers) is a condition were you find it hard to socialise & relate to other people. There's not only a difference but autism & DS have very little to nothing in common with the 2! People with autism (certainly Aspergers) often don't have Learning Difficulties or even if they do, they tend not to be global like the ones with DS, unless of course the individual with Autism is extremely severe. Often people on the autism spectrum (which includes varying degrees of Aspergers) will be very fixed and focussed on a particular topic. They will be able to tell you a variety of statistics and the most obscure information about World War II, or the 'Mayflower', or Lego. Whatever they find is their fixation becomes an obsession. These people are often very creative ad intelligent, but they have certain triggers that prevent them from functioning in what many people regard as a "normal" manner. For example, they often cannot stand a variety of colours or patterns in a random arrangement; they cannot handle the texture of certain foods; they are easily distressed by loud noise. Each individual is very different.

To find out more about autism, Look up "The National Autistic Society" to find out more.
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