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What is the difference between Calamari and Squid?

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Calamari is the dish prepared using squid. Calamari is simply the Italian word for squid (similarly, Spanish calamares). It denotes nothing about the size of the animal or preparation of the dish.
Menu compilers maybe refer to calamari thinking that it sounds more appetizing than squid.

Calamari is the name representing the species of squids which have side fins running on the full length of the body. Squids have fins, but these run only for short distance on the sides of the body. Calamaris are similar to the squids in many respects, but are often more tender when compared to the other squids.
Squids are larger in size than Calamaris.
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What is the difference between a octopus and squid?

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Difference between octopus and squid?

An Octopus is much larger than a squid however, there are squids named colossal squids which can appear much larger than octopus. Have a look on google images and look at the (MORE)