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Calamari is the dish prepared using squid. Calamari is simply the Italian word for squid (similarly, Spanish calamares). It denotes nothing about the size of the animal or preparation of the dish.
Menu compilers maybe refer to calamari thinking that it sounds more appetizing than squid.

Calamari is the name representing the species of squids which have side fins running on the full length of the body. Squids have fins, but these run only for short distance on the sides of the body. Calamaris are similar to the squids in many respects, but are often more tender when compared to the other squids.
Squids are larger in size than Calamaris.
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What is the difference between a octopus and squid?

Visual Differences: - Octopi usually have circle shaped heads, while squid have torpedo/diamond shaped ones with fins on the side. - Squid have much larger eyes. - Squid

Is there a difference between the Kraken and the Giant Squid?

They are the same. Reported sightings of the Kraken are believed to have been based upon sightings of the Giant Red Squid. Colossal Squid can be as large as 50 feet (or so).

What is the different protective adaptation of squid?

squids have two long tentacles to help grasp food, they squirt ink so they can escape from enemies, they use bioluminescence to get light and they can change colors.

What is calamari?

Caramari is a food that is made from squid that is native to Greek, Spainish, and Italian cuisines. Calamari is squid that is prepared in a variety of ways. In restaurants, it

What are some differences between an octopus and a squid?

Differences   When hunting, some octopuses inject poison into the prey, causing paralysis.Octopuses range in size from 1 cm to more than 5 m in length, while squids range f

What is the difference between squid and cuttlefish?

  The only biological answer is that both have a small internal support. in squids this is thin uncalcified material and is known as a pen. in cuttlefish it it a hard bony

What kind of squid is calamari?

As I understand it, many different species of Squid are used for the Italian named dish "Calamari." Sepioteuthis australis, is what they often catch in the south, and Sepioteu

What is the difference between a fish and a squid?

  I'm not sure about my spelling, but the squid is related to the octopus in a category called cephlapods, meaning "head foot". They don't have bones or skeletons. Fish ha

Difference between octopus and squid?

An Octopus is much larger than a squid however, there are squids named colossal squids which can appear much larger than octopus. Have a look on google images and look at the

What is the difference between a snail and a squid?

A snail and a squid? Really? Okay then. Well... (P.S. You misspelled 'difference') Snail is a common name for almost all members of the molluscan class Gastropoda that have