What is the difference between Chamilia and Pandora bracelets?

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Pandora and Chamilia are both companies that sell upscale sterling silver charm bracelets and coordinating jewelry that allows women to create custom and personalized pieces.

Pandora and Chamilia bracelets both use a threaded system that allows beads to twist on the bracelet without falling off when you remove the bracelet. The beads are interchangeable and both companies offer all silver, all gold, or mixed beads as well as many options with gems, stones, enamel and colored glass. Both companies offer bracelets with either a lobster claw clasp or a hinged signature clasp.

Both companies offer a way to prevent beads from sliding to the bottom of the bracelet if it is only partially loaded. In essence the customer can create "sections" of their bracelet and place beads wherever they want. Pandora's clips need to be set on little joints that already exist in the bracelet. Chamilia's locks can be placed anywhere on the bracelet. Chamilia also offers connectors so you can make a double bracelet or necklace.

The beads from both companies are very good quality and start at around $25 for sterling silver. Overall, Pandora is a bit more expensive and has more (14K gold) beads in the $200 range than does Chamilia. Pandora has a reputation for being slightly more upscale partly because they have done aggressive marketing and product placement in magazines and with celebrities.

The Pandora beads are slightly larger and thus "heavier" than Chamilia's. The bracelets feel substantial and classic, even in all sterling silver. Chamilia has a softer overall look, with more pretty, pink and feminine beads, but this is a matter of personal opinion and most people like beads from both collections. Chamilia has more themed beads, like shells, martini glasses, beads that say "mom," etc., which appeals to some. Chamilia is also carries licensed Disney beads. You can combine beads from both companies on one bracelet. Either company offers the chance to create a very high-end look with silver and gold, or a more "fun" and whimsical look with charms and colors.

On the internet, you find slightly more quality complaints for Chamilia beads (metal discoloration, color scraping, etc) than for Pandora, but overall both companies offer high quality beads as compared to cheaper "no name" options that might be plated or filled rather than solid.

Pandora and Chamilia both release new beads several times per year. Pandora regularly "retires" certain beads, which increases demand and interest.

Pandora and Chamilia were involved in a lawsuit. Pandora claims that Chamilia has infringed its patent-pending bead threading system. The courts just delivered (August 2008) a decision that favors Chamilia, saying essentially that although the systems for threading are the same, more competition in the marketplace is a good thing. Pandora is appealing.

Pandora currently requires retailers to carry Pandora exclusively, which is why you do not see retailers that have both brands side by side. but some onlineshop will sale both of them, eg. www.hoobeads.com.
(Trollbeads are another charm brand with similar styles and designs, but Trollbeads usually do NOT fit on Pandora and Chamilia bracelets. Although there may be invidividual beads that will fit, they are not interchangeable systems. However, all Chamilia and Pandora beads will fit on Trollbeads bracelets.)

Chamilia is not the original bead company. Trollbeads is the original company, having been founded in 1976. Pandora was founded in the 1990s, and Chamilia in the 2000's.

Right i was at the markets which is local to where i live. and she was selling fake pandoras. But get this they were engraved pandora. I could tell because therewere engraved very poorly. We also asked for a certificate but nothing!
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Are chamilia beads compatible with Pandora?

Chamilia beads are fully compatible with Pandora bracelets. Both companies use a 3mm sterling silver chain and the beads from either company will fit the bracelet of the other. The one difference between the two bracelets is that Pandora has designed theirs with two stations over which locking beads (MORE)

Whats the difference between Pandora and biagi bracelets?

After a week of research and seeing both products in person: Pandora is a company originating in Denmark, whereas Biagi has its orgins in Italy. Both are high quality (solid silver/gold) European beads, and collecting both will find you a very nice personalized variety. The Pandora beads are somewh (MORE)

What beads fit on Pandora bracelets?

You can put any beads on them you want but 3 to 8 milimeter beads work the best. Heres a good chart http://img135.imageshack.us/i/famillebeadedbeadsbajdafs3.jpg/ Please be aware that using non-PANDORA beads on a PANDORA bracelet can void the warranty.

Do lovelinks fit on Pandora bracelets?

They do fit but they are much bigger that the Pandora. If you compare a lovelinks charm to a Pandora charm the lovelinks charm will be MUCH bigger. They do fit but they look strange if you have a variety of Pandora and lovelinks charms.

Will Chamilia charms fit on a Pandora bracelet?

Chamilia and Pandora are interchangeable with each other so if you already own either a Chamilia or Pandora Bracelet you can add beads, locks and spacers from either jewellery brands, you get the choice from both! This was taken from a UK site for Chamilla charms Chamilia charms don't fit on Pando (MORE)

How do you remove beads from a Pandora bracelet?

Pandora beads are on a screw-thread with a screw-thread on the end of the bracelet. To remove beads you "unscrew" the bead as though you were unscrewing a nut. Be careful adding other brand beads to a Pandora bracelet. If you damage the bracelet or the threads it is not covered under Pandora's wa (MORE)

Where can you buy a Pandora bracelet in Scotland?

You can buy all Pandora items @ argento on Buchanan street next to gregs close to forbidden planet. They sell all the collection including charms and bracelets, I bought my girlfriend a whole bracelet there for around £700.00 @ £25 a charm and £65 for the bracelet.

What is the difference between Pandora Bracelet and Pandora Troll Bracelet?

w ell its pretty obvious....a Pandora bracelet is much much popular and is an original bacelet unlike the trolly beads thoses are fake and have no life!! Both Pandora and Troll charms originated in Denmark. Trollbeads were actually first having been founded in 1976, with Pandora following in 1982 (MORE)

What is the difference between a bracelet and a wristband?

A bracelet has some type of a clip that attaches one end of the bracelet to the other. Wristbands are manlier than bracelets. Also, a bracelet can be converted into a wristband by removing the clip used to fasten it together and replacing it with some type of an elastic band, preferably black colore (MORE)

Will chamilia charms fit your truth bracelet?

Yes they will! I work for a high street jeweller, and most dimensions between Chamilia and Truth are identical. Its a big selling point as it means the variety of charms to choose from will be doubled.

Where to buy Pandora bracelets in Buffalo?

I'm not sure if you can get them in Buffalo. If you have searched everywhere and can't find one, order one and get it sent to Buffalo or something. Look on the Pandora website, or even get one on eBay. But be careful on eBay and make sure its a REAL Pandora.

What are bracelets like Pandora?

Pandora bracelets are charm bracelets that you can personalize, soif you want to make a similar bracelet, just put together one withexpensive looking charms if you are looking for a DIY project.

What is the difference between Brighton and Pandora bracelets?

Pandora bracelets are more expensive and so are the charms, beads and etc. Brighton bracelets on the other hand are less expensive, have very cool spacers, charms and beads and they are way cheaper than Pandora. Pandora is fine jewelry. Brighton is costume jewelry.

Why get a Pandora bracelet?

Many reasons 1.It's fun to collect all the beads. 2.They're pretty. 3.Every bead gives you a memory that you can wear everyday. 4.Everyone else has one. 5.They can have the style YOU want. . 6.You can customize the Pandora bracelet according to your wishes, style, dress... 7.The quali (MORE)

Are Brighton bracelets as nice as Pandora bracelets?

Brighton bracelets are a different diameter than all otherbracelets in the industry, so if you buy Brighton, you will only beable to put brighton beads on it. All others (Chamilia, Pandora,Zable, Simstars and all others) are standard size and you can havea variation of beads from different mfgrs.

What is the difference between Pandora and roth royale?

I have purchased beads from both Pandora and Roth Royale. The differences to me are 1) Price 2) Quality and 3) Accessibility. For price, Roth Royale offers beads for lot less money overall. For example, the same quality glass bead costs $40-70 at Pandora while it costs $7-10 at Roth Royale. (MORE)

Where to buy cheap Pandora bracelets?

you can buy cheap versions from all jewellery stores including claires! or you can get good priced real ones on the airlines like thomas cook and easy jet!

Are Chamilia bracelets genuine?

Chamilia bracelets are genuine and come in gold and silver and can be decorated with beads to your liking. You can build your own at a variety of fine jewelery stores and the beads and charms come in a variety of styles and colors

Is a chamilia bracelet a bracelet for a disease?

"Chamilia bracelets are a new type of charm bracelet. They are usually given as gifts. As they are made often from sterling silver, they may offer some antibacterial qualities, but not much else. They do not reduce disease occurence, although many manufactuers may donate to such causes."

What stores sell chamilia bracelets?

"There are numerous jewelers that sell chamilia bracelets. Some of the stores are Ski Jewelers, Michael Kohn Jewelers, G & W Jewelers, Roman Jewelers, and Accents in Silver."

Is there a difference between a Pandora bracelet and a Charmed Memories bracelet?

Pandora bracelets :- Pandora is the brand name of a jewelry line that may be made with interchangeable parts. Bracelets in the line are also designed to have interchangeable beads or charms that can be added or removed easily to create a bracelet that fits different styles, colors, occasions or att (MORE)

Will Pandora beads fit chamilia bracelets?

Yes, Pandora beads will fit on a chamilia bracelets, but not necessarily vice versa. chamilia bracelets beads do not have the threading inside so they may get stuck on the threaded sections of the Pandora bracelet. This is why I bought a chamilia....almost every bead out there from different manuf (MORE)

What is the difference between Soufeel and Pandora bracelets?

Pandora is a company originating in Denmark, whereas Soufeel has its orgins in UK. Both are high quality European beads, and collecting both will find you a very nice personalized variety. The Pandora beads are somewhat more artistic/abstract, whereas Soufeel tends toward more fashion styles and des (MORE)

Where in India you can find Pandora bracelet?

There are not any Pandora bracelet stores located in the country ofIndia. However, Pandora bracelets can be ordered easily online fromtheir website. They are often found online on other websites suchas Ebay.

Where can you buy chamilia bracelets?

You can buy the popular Chamilia bracelets either online or at retailers. You can go to Chamilias web site and look up a retail location near you. They have stores from Aruba to the Virgin Islands and ever place in between.

What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

The difference between a bracelet and a bangle is that while bracelets have clasps, bangles usually come without those. Bangles often consist of a single, circular shape. Bracelets tend to have more elaborated designs and details.

How much does Pandora bracelets cost?

Before adding charms, the lowest priced bracelet in the PANDORAcollection is the Black Multi-Strand Bracelet at$35, and the mostexpensive bracelet is the PANDORA Gold Charm Bracelet at $1,415.However, most PANDORA bracelets, like the ones below, are pricedbetween $45 and $80.