What is the difference between DVD r 16x recording speed and 8x?

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16X corresponds to a speed of 22160 KB/sec.
8X corresponds to a speed of 11080 KB/sec.

That speed is only obtained when the write head is at the outer edge of the disc, the
average speed for the entire disc is closer to 11X.
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What is the difference between a DVD-R and a DVD-RW?

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What is the difference between a DVD recorder and a DVD burner?

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Describe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-rom?

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What is the difference between DVD plus R and DVD-R?

  Answer   There are two competing formats for DVD's + and - format. Your question doesn't mention the + so they are the same format - or the lack of + means -. DV (MORE)

What is difference the between CD-R and DVD-R?

CD-R is burnable CD, DVD-R is a burnable DVD. In detail A CD-R has less memory to use because the laser makes bigger marks on the disk. The disk can be read by your CD player (MORE)

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