What is the difference between Hong Kong and China?

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There is a big difference between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hong Kong is a former British colony. The official language is Chinese and English. Like Britain, to make an emergency call to the police, ambulance or fire service is to dial 999.
Although Hong Kong is part of China now but it is called a Special Administrative District. Things will be remained the same for 50 years counting from 1997 .( the year of the handover ) So basically everything is the same as it was when as a British colony. People are free to speak , free to do whatever they want providing that it's legal. People have access to western culture and fashion as before. Food has many variety. Mainly Chinese population, they usually will have Chinese meal but you will find all kinds of restaurants serving different cuisines, such as Japanese, Thai, Greek, French, Vietnam, Spanish, Portuguese , you name it.
People enjoy life as a democratic city. They work hard and they have a lot of entertainments such as shops opened till 10- midnight, tubes are run till 1:ooam or all night during Xmas and new year. Every area has 7-11 24 hours shop. Transport is convenient that's why very few people bother to own a car. Why give yourself headache when there is 24 hours mini 14 seats van service everywhere ? Even taxi is a very cheap transport. As for needing a car to carry your shopping, Hong Kong people don't do like the westerner, going to supermarket once a week and shop for the whole week. They shop for fresh food in a real market everyday. When you shop for fresh vegetable , meat or seafood everyday you don't need a car, all you carry is only a few bags.
Hong Kong doesn't particularly produces anything. It's a financial metropolitan city. It's Hang Seng index in the stock exchange can affect the whole world.It's also a materialistic society, work hard and enjoy life, buy whatever designer's good you can afford, go abroad for holiday when you can get times off from work, live to a full life --that's the motto of most people.

Now about Mainland China,that's a totally different kettle of fish. People there all dying to go and stay in Hong Kong but it's not that easy. The fact that Hong Kong and China are the same country now doesn't entitle people from Mainland China just pack their bag and move to Hong Kong. They need to apply a document called single journey license or return journey license, the latter one means they have to return to China at a certain time, usually after 3 months. Unless they marry a Hong Kong citizen, in which case they still have to travel back and fro every 3 months between HK and MC for 7 years until they get the Hong Kong Identity card.
People in Mainland China have a different mentality. They want to leave China and go for a real free and democratic country.As there is still corruption and restriction of speech and political views. The nearest is Hong Kong but if they can they will go to the west. Food in China are mainly Chinese cuisine but still if you can afford there are restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines in big cities such as Shanghai and Peking. In rural area there are still people suffered from proverty, illiteracy, under nutrited. All people can see about the blooming of China are those you see in cities only. China is a big country. There are many deserted mountain area or forlorn villages even Chinese never heard about them. Some still live without electricity or proper water supply.
As for transport, like everywhere, there are tubes, taxi,buses in all cities but in some countryside people will make do with bicycle or even walking.
Mandarin is the official language but different towns and cities have their own different dialects. The people from Guangchow ( in the south, near Hong Kong) and Shenzhen ( border city between HK and China) speak Cantonese like Hong Kong people do.
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Is Hong Kong a part of china?

Yes, but it does not fall under the Chinese Communist Party. It falls under the status of Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong governs itself, although it does not have an armed force.

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and London?

Hong Kong is 7 hours ahead of the UK from the end of March and then8 hours ahead when the clocks go back at the end of October. England (London) is at (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT.Hong Kong is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England.London is 8 hours behind Hong Kong (MORE)

What is the time difference between Melbourne and Hong Kong?

Melbourne is 3 hrs. ahead of Hong Kong from the 1st Sun. of Oct. until the 1st Sun. of April. Example: Melbourne: Fri 10:51 AM Hong Kong: Fri 7:51 AM Melbourne is 2 hrs. ahead of Hong Kong from the 1st Sun. of April until the 1st Sun. of Oct.

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and Sydney?

Hong Kong is -3 hours from Sydney. Example: Hong Kong: Wed 3:08 PM Sydney: Wed 6:08 PM . Sydney is 3 hrs. ahead of Hong Kong from the 1st Sun. of Oct. until the 1st Sun. of April. Sydney is 2 hrs. ahead of Hong Kong from the 1st Sun. of April until the 1st Sun. of Oct.

Is Hong Kong in China?

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China; therefore, it is a part of China, but not physically "in" China. It falls under the slogan "One country, two systems" because of the differences between China and Hong Kong. yes it is in china!!! Yes Yes, Hong Ko (MORE)

Why was Hong Kong returned to china?

because Bratain invaded china at the end of 19 century and signed a treaty in 1898. the treaty said Bratain leased Hong Kong for 99 years .so in 1997 after nearly a century dominance Bratain return HK to china

Is Hong Kong in China or japan?

Hong Kong is not in either country. Although officially a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong resides on its own island, separate of the Mainland. Hong Kong is complete with its own set of laws and regulations, even under Chinese control. Hong Kong operates un (MORE)

Is Hong Kong part of china?

Yes. Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and a former British Crown Colony. According to the "one country, two systems" policy and the Basic Law, Hong Kong has a high degree of autonomy in all areas ex (MORE)

What is the distance between Hong Kong and China?

Strictly speaking, Hong Kong is IN China. Many people assume Hong Kong to be an Island but that is just a small part of Hong Kong. Hong Kong includes the "New Territories" which borders mainland China. there are also many other islands other than Hong Kong Island. It is approximately 17 miles (MORE)

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and pacific time?

Hong Kong is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. US Pacific Time is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT -8 hours, ie. 8 hours behind Greenwich, England. US Pacific Time is 16 hours behind Hong Kong. (Daylight savings not taken into account.) . Hong Kong (UTC+8) is 1 (MORE)

Why do China and Taiwan and Hong Kong enter the Olympics under different flags?

They are separate entities and have their own National Olympic Committees. Hong Kong is a 'special administrative region' within the People's Republic of China. They competed in the 2008 Games as Hong Kong, China.. Taiwan is a separate country altogether from the People's Republic of China. While t (MORE)

Differences of Hong Kong and China?

Hong Kong 50 years in front of China for their technology Speak Cantonese and English Has their own Law Hong Kong is not a Communism Has Freedom Most people are polite Food safety "Positive" Police China Speak Mandarin and almost 50 more stupid "language", which is " (MORE)

When did China get control of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Island had been a port in the province of Kwangtung (China) before 1830's or 1840's. After the Opium War, the Island was borrowed by the British. Later (after a war or something like that), Kowloon and New Territories were borrowed by the British for 99 years. So, in 1997, all 3 areas were (MORE)

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and Zurich?

Hong Kong is in the UTC+8 time zone and does not observe daylightsavings. Zurich, Switzerland is in the UTC+1 time zone, and moves into UTC+2from last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October. From the last Sunday in October until the last Sunday in March,Hong Kong is seven hours ahead of Z (MORE)

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and the US?

It would depend on where in the US, since there are six different time zones in the US. There are 13 hours difference between the times in Hong Kong and the closest time zone in the US on the East Coast, Eastern Standard Time. Then as you move west in the US through the other five time zones, you (MORE)

What is the time difference between Hong Kong and east Michigan?

From the 2nd Sun. of Mar. to the 1st Sun. of Nov., Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of Detroit. 8 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (UTC-4) = 8 PM Hong Kong Time (UTC+8) From the 1st Sun. of Nov. to the 2nd Sun. of Mar., Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead of Detroit. 7 AM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) (MORE)

What is the distance in miles between Xi'an China and Hong Kong?

The Distance between Xian Meikuang (Xinjiang,China) and Hong Kong Inter-National Airport (,Hong Kong) [Airport] is : 3120 kilometers (km). In Other Units: 1938.68 miles. 1683.55 nautical miles. Note: the distance is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between th (MORE)

Is Hong Kong China?

Hong Kong is a special administrative region, abbreviated as SAR, of the People's Republic of China and is currently under Chinese sovereignty. Hong Kong is an island, and therefore, is not connected land-wise to the People's Republic of China.

Has Hong Kong reunited with China?

It is considered to be a part of China but it isn't. The name for the region is Hong Kong SAR. SAR stands for Special Administrative Region. And the currency of Hong Kong is HKD which is HK dollar. And China uses Yuan

How did Hong Kong join china?

It joined it in July 1997, after the lease of the island of Hong Kong and the surrounding HK area ran out, following the 1984 treaty which the UK government agreed with Communist China to lease the islands back. There was a lavish ceremony and handover procession, and as part of the agreement Hong (MORE)