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The Nintendo ds is not as bright and has smaller screens. Plus, it doesn't have the shop,the camera,the recording thing, the cool menu, and the power button that sends you right back to the ds menu. The Nintendo dsi has Internet connection.
Many people recommend the dsi but if you just want a handheld cool gaming system that doesn't cost alot would get the regular ds.
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Can you trade your Nintendo DS in for a Nintendo DSi?

You cannot trade in your DS for a DSi without paying extra money, due to the DSi being more advanced and up to date. Also, the condition of the item can control how much it is

What is the difference between a Ipod touch and a Nintendo DS?

Nintendo Ds is focused solely on gaming (minus pictochat), whereas if you get an ipod touch, you get lowered detailed games, but you also can have videos, music, and applicati

What does a Nintendo DSi have that a Nintendo ds hasent?

DSi has camera functions, internet capabilities, and the addition of the DS store. however, its not much of a difference in terms of game play unless you're talking about ge

What is the difference between the Nintendo ds and the 3ds?

Oh wow... well, they both have two screens, bottom is a single-touch screen. The DS supports GBA games and has 64 bits of power. The 3DS supports DS and DSi games, and plays 3

Can the Nintendo 3DS play Nintendo DS or DSi games?

Yes. The 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS are backwards compatible and can play  DS and DSi games. Unless they require the GBA slot, the 3DS is not  compatible with Slot 2 attachments fo

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Can the Nintendo DSi play Nintendo DS games?

Yes, the Nintendo DSi can play Nintendo DS games. The NDS and NDSi  are compatible with each other and can link for multiplayer as  well. There are really no such thing as '

Can you play Nintendo 3DS games on a Nintendo DS or DSi?

No. 3DS game cards have a small tab on the side, so they don't fit  into the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DSi. Even without the tab, 3DS  game cards will have much more data

What is the difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite?

A Nintendo DS Lite is more light-weighted and it is also brighter. As the name implies, the Nintendo DS Lite is liter (I meanlighter) in weight than the original DS. It is al

Can you play Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo DSi?

YES!! you can play ALMOST all ds games. there is an exception for games that require a gba attachment , although there are SPECIFIC dsi games such as System Flaw , so you CAN

Can a Nintendo DS Lite game fit inside a Nintendo DSi?

Yes, they can fit. DS/DS Lite Slot-1 games are exactly the same as DSi Slot-1 games, but Gameboy Advance (GBA) games are not supported by the console. Important: Any Ninten

Can you play Nintendo DSi games on a Nintendo DS Lite?

The thing is, if a game is a 'DSi game', it means it is the one or two DSi-exclusive games, which require the DSi's camera. Clearly these could never be played on a regular or

What is the difference between the Nintendo 3DS and other DS systems?

The 3DS can be thought of as a more "evolved" DS. Obviously, the graphics are far better: both screens display in a much higher resolution, and the top screen is widescreen an