What is the difference between Page and Frame?

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Ø In a paging system, programs and data stored on disk are divided into equal, fixed sized blocks called pages, and main memory is divided into blocks of the same size called frames. Exactly one page can fit in one frame.

Physical memory is divided into parts called FRAME and logical memory is divided into parts called PAGE.
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What are the differences between paging and segmentation?

Paging is a virtual memory scheme which is transparent to the program at the application level and which divides memory into fixed-size blocks, such as 4 KBytes. The segmentation memory management scheme imposes a greater book-keeping burden on the application, and refers to memory using segments (MORE)

Whats the difference between a door lining and door frame?

Answer . A door lining is bought as a flat pack that consists of the two uprights, approx 6'8, a piece that goes over head, approx 2'6 and the door stoppers . A door liner is fitted to a hole in the wall by leveling and trimming to size etc whereas the door frame is already constructed and you ge (MORE)

What is the difference between framed and unframed?

Unframed E1, you will be able to use the full bandwidth of the circuit of 2048 kpbs. Normally, for various reasons, this mode is not given to customers by telco. Costly service Framed E1 ,you will be able to use 1984Kbps only from 2048Kbps where timeslot 0 is reserved for sync and signaling pu (MORE)

Difference between packets and frames?

Packets are the data units applicable to the network layer whileframes are the data units applicable to the data link layer of theOSI model. At certain points on a network, packets may be packagedinto frames for easier transmission.

What are the differences between truss and frame structures?

Trusses and frames are both composed of triangular members connected at joints. In a truss, the joints are pin type joints and the members are free to rotate about the pin. As such, a truss cannot transfer moments and members are subjected to only axial forces (tensile and compression). On the (MORE)

What is the difference between a packet and a frame?

Theoretically Data Link Layer puts packet into frame by adding header and tail to the packet but how is it possible when you take into consideration CCSDS packet definition: " A packet is a block of data with length that can vary between successive packets, ranging from 7 to 65,542 bytes , in (MORE)

What are the difference between title page and copyright page?

The title page is at the beginning of a book or document and shows the name of the work, the Author's name and sometimes a dedication. The Copyright page is usually at the end of the book and shows references to resources and has a copyright paragraph. The copyright paragraph states that no one can (MORE)

Difference between a page and a segment?

A page is a, well, PAGE:) A segment is the part or fraction of something. EX: " Alyssa, please read the first little segment on the top explaining the directions."

What is the Difference between paging and demand paging in operating system?

paging is the process of memory management in which memory is allocated in the non contiguous form,i.e. the program is break into block of fixed size known as page and also the main memory also break down into block of same size known as frame or page frame. Now all this page are brought into the (MORE)

What is the difference between a frame and a key frame in flash?

Differences between frames and keyframes: . The keyframe is the control point, i.e to change anything over time, we use a keyframe. A frame enables our object to appear on the timeline as the playhead moves. . Keyframes have a little circle drawn on them. Frames have a little square dr (MORE)

Difference between ATM and frame relay?

They both operate at layer 2, but the difference is in the way they transfer data. ATM was designed in the 1980s to deliver five distinct levels of QoS, so users could send traffic with greater or less delay. ATM is a cell service that uses a fixed size cell of 53 bytes, 5 bytes of header and 48 b (MORE)

Is there a difference between a 1989 Jeep Wrangler frame and a 1997 Jeep Wrangler frame?

The 89 is a YJ (square headlites) & the 97 was the first year of the TJ (went back to round headlites like the older CJs). The frame to body mounts are definitely different. I assume you are looking to swap something. I have seen blogs that put a YJ tub on a TJ frame to take advantage of the coil vs (MORE)

What is the difference between scripts and frames?

sript is frame like structure used to represent commonly occuring experiences eg:- shopping in a supermarket , going to the library etc. . whereas frames are general record like structure which consists of collection of slots and slot values . The slotncan be of any size and type . Slots ty (MORE)

What is difference between frame and joisted masonry?

A building that is framed with wood or light gauge metal with roof supports and decking that are the wood or light gauge metal are considered frame. The exterior can consist of any number of things from vinyl or wood siding, brick veneer or stucco. Joisted Masonry will mostly be a combination of s (MORE)

Difference between sample and sampling frame?

A sample is a smaller group selected from a larger population. It may be to costly and time consuming to carry out the study on the whole population so the researchers choose a sample and often generalise results. . A sample frame is the list of people from which a sample for the study are selected (MORE)

What is the difference between a home page and a wed page?

Although I don't have too much expieriance in this field, I believe a homepage is just a single page of one website. A web page is the literall website. If you try and image it like a book, a home page is like the writing in the book, the big bold letters at the top of the page, while a web page is (MORE)

Difference between native page and sds page?

In SDS-PAGE complexes are separated to their subunits, proteins are denatured and covered by SDS molecules at a ratio of approximately 1 SDS molecule per 2 amino acids. Thus any charge that the protein might have is masked by he huge negative charge by the SDS molecules and migration and thus separa (MORE)

Difference between inertial frame of reference and non-inertial frame of reference?

An inertial frame of reference (FOR) is a non-accelerating FOR , for example if a person is observing a moving car while at rest or while moving at constant velocity, he is in an inertial FOR. A non-inertial frame of reference is an accelerating FOR for example a rotating FOR. ( Rotation requires ce (MORE)

What is the difference between a Cached page and a Similar page?

you have been to a chached page already, a similar page you may not have been to yet. whenever you go to a website or play an online video game like World of Warcraft, your computer saves information in something called a "cache" so that the next time you visit that webpage or log onto that video ga (MORE)

What is the difference between substitution and frame shift mutation?

The substitution of one nucleotide for another will probably [see wobble bases] result in a triplet-codon-reading-frame error for only that one triplet codon involved, whereas either a deletion or the addition of a nucleotide from or to the DNA sequence of bases will alter the triplet-codon-reading- (MORE)

What is the difference between word and page?

A page is in a book, worksheets or other stuff that are together. A word is a thing that you write in a paper, book or in a speech, without words we won't be able to write and talk.

What is the difference between the contents page and index page?

The index page is the main page of the website (also known as 'home'). It also has contents. So there is no such thing as contents page because all pages have contents. What you really meant might be "inside pages" like contacts, about me or similar subpages of the index page.

What are the difference between forms and frames in HTML?

What Are Frames? Frames are graphical and logical subdivisions of a single web "page" into two or more sections. Frames allow one to create web sites which are less "linear" than non-framed sites. The idea behind frames is to make a site more "browseable", like one would casually flip through a (MORE)

What is the difference between frame shift mutations and point mutations?

Point mutations are when one nitrogenous base in the DNA strand is changed to something else. Frameshift mutations are when a base is added or deleted, causing the rest of the bases after it to shift down one or move up one. Frameshift mutations can be much more dangerous because it changes many mor (MORE)

What is the difference between page and paper?

A page is a single sheet in a book, often double-sided. A paper is a single sheet, whether in a book, notebook, or held in our hand. It may be lined, unlined, or have one writing side or double writing sides. As well, a "paper" may be a shortened way of saying "newspaper" which is a collection o (MORE)

What is the difference between table and frame in HTML?

In computer history, different browsers displayed webpage formatting in different ways. The normal way to lay out a document was to use an html tag. This is not the proper use for this tag. It is actually used for creating tables, with the tag defining the table headings, defining table (MORE)

What is the difference between frame structure and load bearing?

Load bearing structures are structures where the load istransferred to the foundations via load bearing internal andexternal walls (e.g., masonry houses, pyramids in Egypt). They aregenerally characterized by having a small window-to-wall ratio(i.e., more structural wall area than window openings) a (MORE)

What is difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibilityof website and web page in SERP. Types of SEO: 1.On-Page Optimization 2.Off-Page Optimization On-Page Optimization: On-Page optimization means controlling the website by your pagecoding. On-page optimization (MORE)