Sony or Panasonic?

There can be no single answer to this question. Both companies make fine products. Both are innovators and introduce new and interesting improvements to products on a regular (MORE)
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What is Panasonic choicemail?

This feature on the Panasonic Cordless Phones allow the user to quickly review and retrieve specific recorded voice messages without having to skip through snippets of other m (MORE)
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What is the Panasonic DECT about?

The Panasonic DECT Sytstem is a dual-hand set phone with a build in answerphone. The Panasonic DECT phone is also wireless making it more desirable to customers according to (MORE)
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What is a Panasonic HVX?

The Panasonic HVX is a quality camcorder. The camcorder records in high-definition for professional use. The camcorder has a built-in microphone, as well as a feature that wil (MORE)