What is the difference between Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team?

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Pokemon Red Rescue Team is a GBA game pak, while Pokemon Blue Rescue Team is a DS game card. You can only play Red Rescue Team with a Gameboy Advanced (GBA) or Gameboy Advanced Special (GBA SP), but you can play both games with a DS.
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How do you evolve on blue rescue team?

first you beat the game (including all bosses) then if you're a water type use a water stone, fire type fire stone, etc. NEVER use before you beat the game, otherwise nothing will happen.

Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

It is a pokemon game which is the first mystery dungeon in the series. Blue rescue team is the Nintendo DS one and Red is the GBA one. It is a game where you turn into a pokemon one day and there are disasters.

How do you get aticuno in blue rescue team?

go to frosty forest and search on each level for a clear gummi.If you already have ok. go to articuno and first throw it a band or something that can be held. then throw it the clear gummi and it if it has eaten the gummi and you beat it will be yours

How do you get Articuno in blue rescue team?

FIRSTLY-go to frosty forest mid then go to the third floor on thatdungeon and there will be articuno. that only works after you beatrayquasa. once that happens there's about a 90p chance of it beingrecruited

How do you get mew in blue rescue team?

You have to get Buried relic. Then you must beat all regis (regirock,regice and registeel. After you beated them look for a item that they drop.If you pick all three items up it will atomaticly transform into music box.I have not recurited him yet ^...^ But do not stop trying!!! (if you see a non- (MORE)

Where are the regies in blue rescue team?

The Regi Pokemon are available in Pokemon mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team in the Buried Relic on respective floors. To unlock the Buried Relic, you must purchase the Friend Area 'Ancient Relic', sleep, read the news about a new discovery and talk to a few Pokemon in Pokemon Square. Regirock is fir (MORE)

How do you get Lugia on blue rescue team?

Go through Silver Trench, which has 99 floors, and battle him. You should have a certain type of item that makes you have a higher chance of Pokemon joining your team, but if you don't them try to battle him until you recruit him.

Blue rescue team codes?

Action Replay Cheat Codes. Max/Infinite Money . 0213c12c 0001869f. More Belly . 12115546 000061a8. Max/Infinite Belly . 12115542 000061a7. 12115546 000061a8. Low Game Time . 0213c19c 0a000000. Max/Infinite Savings . 0213c130 0098967f. 1ST POKEMON CODES: . Infinite HP . d3000000 0211544 (MORE)

How do you get Sky Blue Plains in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

Answer . There are two wonder mail codes that allow the reward of the Friend Area: "Sky Blue Plains". One is more easily accessed while the other requires more progress made in the game.. The following is easier of the two missions that allow the Friend Area as a reward. The mission is set in Th (MORE)

Blue rescue team help?

I died in Buried Relic in Pokemon blue rescue team Male:(M) Female:(F) Three dots:(...) SOS mail mail password SY?6NRRX(M)31??C(M)C?! 4W????HSR??K?KTNJ6 ??T?(F)ROS?38??J+RH(...) Post your a-okay mail password OR: Email me at: kariya_jin_wind78@hotmail.com This is what i (MORE)

How do you evolve in blue rescue team?

you cant the only game that lets you do that is explorers of skyYou have to finish the game first, then you go to where Whishcash is usually at and there will be a hole instead. go in it and evolve.

Can Pokemon Red Rescue Team do friend rescues with Blue Rescue Team?

Answer . That's the beauty of the dual slot function in the Nintendo DS - you can do that! Pokemon Red Rescue Team was made specifically for use in the dual slot of the DS so it could communicate internally with Blue Rescue Team.. Simply turn the DS off, insert the Red Rescue Team cartridge, the (MORE)

How do you trade items from Blue to Red Rescue Team?

Answer . You may exchange items from one Rescue Team to another, simply by linking up and selecting the option from the opening menu. With Blue to Red trading, you must insert the Red Rescue Team cartridge in to the dual slot of the DS which holds the Blue you wish to trade to. Then, it is simply (MORE)

How do you get Articuno on blue rescue team?

You have to get the right friend areas after you defeat Raquaza! I still haven't gotten her yet, and she is soooooooo stubborn. I haven't even gotten any of the three dogs! They're hard to get, but Iknow I have their friend areas! Okay that's bout it!

How do you get Groudon on blue rescue team?

well dude, you can't get the friend area Volcanic Pit until you have already recruited Groudon, like Kyogre, if you already recruited it, the friend area Seafloor Cave will be open, same goes with Rayquaza and Lugia... hope this helped! :Þ

Where is mew on blue rescue team?

It is in Buried relic between level 36 & 99. very hard to find and even harder to get. try lots of times and always with a friend bow. It can transform so be careful

Blue rescue team mew?

mew is in the buried relic you have to beat the regies and get the rock ice and steel part and mew will appear from floors 36-98

Can red and blue Pokemon rescue team battle?

Do you have both? . If yes: . Insert both Red and Blue in your NDS, and load up Blue. On the menu, click "Migrate Teams" or something like that, and go see Makuhita. Click "Rescue Team Maze", go to B3F, and enjoy!. If no: . Buy them both and an NDS (if you don't have one)

In blue rescue team how to get legendarys?

you have to complete the main game first then more dungeons open up. when you reach a legendary, usually, once you beat/talk to it you have to go back again and then it might join your team. some legendaries like latias, will ask to be in your team without you having to beat them.. if you can't rea (MORE)

Munchlax in blue rescue team?

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue team for DS, Munchlax appears at one point in Pokemon square (he is running around). Talk to him and give him some food. He will give you a munch belt and leave. Unfortunately you can't recruit him.

How do you get a Skitty in blue rescue team?

go to the luminouns cave and ask the crystal in there if it can evolve you but you will need to give it 3 or 4 thing to evolve but you have your level needs to be some where around 40-60

How do you get Chansey in Blue rescue team?

It's on floors 50-77, but you have to finish the dungeon after you recruit it, so if you can, bring a escape orb, and as many joy seeds as possible, because it is one of those **** start at level 1 places.

Can you get Gengar on blue rescue team?

yes after you beat the game and gengar asks to save gardevoir you go to a dungeon with lots of ghost Pokemon and if you evolve a ghastly or haunter it can become gengar and while your in the ghost Pokemon dungeon gengar is on your team

How do you get Lucario on your rescue team on Blue Rescue Team?

You can't, Lucario isn't included in Red/Blue Rescue Team. There are only mentions of him, and that's about it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Actually you can because, i have done it and what you have to do is get a Nintendo cheat system its the only 1 that does is and get a rilou and evolve into Lucario and there (MORE)

What Pokemon are in blue rescue team?

all of the Pokemon up to and including generation three apart from porygon, mantine, plusle, Roselia and feebas - these 5 are exclusive to red rescue team however they can be obtained by using wonder mail codes

How do you get eeve in blue rescue team?

If you mean Eevee (Evolution Pokemon, also the most recent Pokemon I use because of a heartbreaking accident involving lost data), you have to be Naive in the quiz. This is only for females.