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A Wiki is served up through a website. A web site is simply any content served over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol on the world wide web. A Wiki is a set of hypertext linked documents which is somewhat unique due to the fact that users may edit the document, adding new sections and deleting or modifying old sections. To prevent defacement most wikis have rules about who can edit and how they can edit.
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What is the difference between a website and a webpage?

A website may run to many webpages, each of which can be opened to your desktop. 1. One should consider a 'website' as a collection of documents, (from few of them to sometim

What are the differences between a blog and a wiki?

  A blog is a sort of online journal. It is updated daily or weekly or whenever the author desires. A wiki is a platform that is meant for anyone to update in real time. A

What are the differences between blogs wikis and podcasts?

Blog: a text-based log someone writes and updates, sort of like a web journal. Wiki: a web site anyone can edit, add to, and update, like Wikipedia and WikiAnswers. Podcas

What is the difference between a Static website and a Dynamic website?

A static website does not respond to user input. It displays the same content all the time. A dynamic website changes depending on user input. A good example is a website with

What is the difference between portal and website?

Answer: Portal vs Site A portal is generally a vehicle by which to gain access to a multitude of 'services'. A web site is a destination in itself. As such the term website

What is the difference between a domain and a website?

Let's consider an example from Head First CSS and HTMl. Imagine you are the owner of a coffee shop named Starbuzz and because it has grown very popular recently, you want to d

What is difference between software and website?

Answer     Software is a program, or executable file. A website on the other hand is a place were people can express their feelings (blogging), post videos, upload fi

Difference between webpage and website?

The difference between a web page and a web sit is that a web page is a single file or page.But a web site includes selections of web pages. web site is a collection of one o

What is the difference between webpage website and homepage?

The website is like a book - contains many pages (but, in a rare case, it could be a one-page book/website). The web page can be compared to a page in a book. Homepage is a ti

Difference between website and url?

Website is the URL where you connect to, like your phone and your phone number. I should say NO. Website is not the URL and the URL is not the website. A website is the stuf

What are differences between webpage and website?

a webpage is one page. a website has several webpages linked together. For example, this answer shows up on a webpage, but answers.com host a whole website. Casually speaking,

What is Difference between static and dynamic website?

Static Websites   Static means "constant--never changing". A static website contains  Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and  displays the same inf