What is the difference between a college diploma and a bachelors degree?

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Technically, a diploma is the piece of paper that says you have a degree; however, in the United States, when someone says "college diploma" they usually mean a bachelors degree from a college or university. Technically, a "college diploma" could be any degree (associate's, masters or Phd.) but that's not how it's used.

In Canada, a college diploma is a degree received from a two-year institution of higher learning while a bachelors degree is a degree earned from a four-year institution of higher learning. The difference is not limited to the time spent at the institution but can also include the salary differences and the level of a job position. This is not to say that one with a bachelors degree will earn more than one with a college diploma. There are many graduates from a college who are successful (success is not measured by wealth but what one accomplishes in life and the happiness of the individual).

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