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RON91 created for petrol engines that are capable of receiving berplumbum, RON95 petrol to unleaded petrol which is also called the premium and RON98 or referred to as Super or Super Plus Premium.

Within less than two months from now, RON95 will cost RM1.75 which replaces RON92 per liter, while RON97 will be the price of premium petrol at RM2.05

Around the world, pollution of fossil fuels has been increasing public awareness. Hence, the quality of fuel increased. Engineers struggle conceived the idea to create a modern combustion engine with a system that can operate using gasoline specifications developed RON. Sulfur content is also minimized.
Are all petrol RON95 according to your car? How do I find out the suitability of these? Step is most easily seen on the cover of petrol.

If it is not stated, refer to vehicle handbook. Even so, not all car manufacturers in the form of writing numbers. Partly written in terms of leaded and unleaded.

Not concerned, the majority of petrol sold in Malaysia (including RON92) is a type of unleaded petrol (unleaded). Is RON97 better than RON95? Theoretically, yes, but the paraktiknya, no. RON95 petrol station A may be better than RON97 petrol station B.

It should be noted that each of petrol sold by Petronas, Shell, BHP, Esso, Caltex and Mobil is not the same. Each company has its own ingredients to enhance the ability of the quality of petrol respectively.

Is petrol RON95 low quality? This is the wrong opinion. RON associated with a mixture of two basic elements, namely gasoline and pentana his capacity to complete the fuel of petrol.

RON95 means 95 percent is gasoline and the remaining contents pentana. Similarly, the RON97 which is only three percent pentana and the rest gasoline.

Instead, if you created the engine to burn the RON97, RON95 is not sufficient because the piston will have trouble knocking (knocking).

This is because the engine cylinders with burning petrol to move the gas. Essentially, the engine that was created for RON95 combustion chamber is capable of burning a total of 95 percent gasoline.
Please note that the nature of gasoline is its ability to withstand pressure in the combustion chamber. So, with engines designed to burn 95 percent gasoline, enough of our use of petrol RON95.

However, if the engine is designed to pressure 97 percent gasoline, then use RON95 not appropriate. Gasoline has the ability to develop pressure well, but not pentana. Pentana will only delay the process of reciprocal and where problems occur knocking.

Claimants say the higher the RON is able to produce better and more powerful engine that is not true. Petrol is a good fit with the petrol RON required by the engine.
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