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What is the difference between a bisque soup and a cream soup?

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A Soup is a water based stew. A Bisque is seafood based, pureed and strained (smooth texture) style of soup. If seafood based, unstrained and or chunky it is a Chowder.
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How can you tell the difference of between a can of soup and can of tomato soup?

Unlike lame regular soup, Tomato Soup labels conventionally include the word "tomato", or images of tomatoes. Additionally, tomato soup typically exhibits a red coloration. If

What is the difference between a long soup and a short soup?

Long soup is a noodle soup refers to a variety of soups with noodles and other ingredients served in a light broth while a short soups wonton is a type of dumpling commonly fo

What is the difference between a bisque and cream soup?

There is little difference, but a bisque usually has the contents pureed before adding cream and a cream soup isn't necessarily pureed, just thickened usually with a flour but

Is bisque soup and puree soup similar?

Bisque is the name given to a thick, creamy and richly-flavoured soup made from seafood, including shells, as well as onions and other vegetables; it is similar to chowder, an

What is the difference between soup and stew?

Stew is usually cooked slowly, below boiling, in one of a variety  of liquids, often water or stock, but also in beer or other more  exotic juices. Soup, on the other hand,