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What is the difference between a criminal wrong and a civil wrong?

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The differences between whether a law or statute will be a 'wrong' prosecuted under civil or criminal law, is made by the legislature at the time the bill is introduced for consideration and by the time it is passed into law.
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What is the difference between right and wrong?

  It is a start...   The line between right and wrong starts with submission and pride. It ends with respecting the rights of others & willful disobedience to authori

What is the difference between civil and criminal law?

Answers from various contributors: Criminal law refers to those actions that have been declared illegal. They are prosecuted by the state (city, state or country). The defend

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I have always understood that a Criminal action is where the Police are the prosecuting authority,against a person,or persons who have been charged with a criminal offence. A

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A civil court is designed and mandated to deal with cases that revolve around people and themselves and/or companies etc..it solves and passes judgment on cases dealing with p

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its what i do, by giving wrong answers. Its like if your at a party, and the police come to tell you to turn the music down, and you don't, you can go to a civil court and get

Difference between civil and criminal liability?

  Criminal liability means the potential loss of freedom for breaking a law of the state prohibiting certain conduct. Civil lliability is generally an order for money dama

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Fingerprint records are maintained in civil and criminal repositories in America. Civil fingerprint identification, such as occurs with police or soldiers entering into public

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It refers to the unethical practice of law outisde the accepted canons of legal ethics. There is no difference between the two when referring to malpractice Another answer: Ma