What is the difference between a criminal wrong and a civil wrong?

The differences between whether a law or statute will be a 'wrong' prosecuted under civil or criminal law, is made by the legislature at the time the bill is introduced for consideration and by the time it is passed into law.
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Back in 1982, you released your first few romance novels under pseudonyms Alexandra Kirk and Suzanne Sherrill. Your first novel by Sherryl Woods was published soon after in 1985. Why did you originally use pen names and later abandon them for your own?

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What is the difference between civil identification and criminal identification?

Fingerprint records are maintained in civil and criminal repositories in America. Civil fingerprint identification, such as occurs with police or soldiers entering into public (MORE)

What is the Difference between civil jail and criminal jail?

in both civil and criminal jails, a person is incarcerated or locked up in a prison or jail. The difference is in the reason for the incarceration. A person in a criminal jai (MORE)

What is the difference between civil and criminal law?

Answers from various contributors: Criminal law refers to those actions that have been declared illegal. They are prosecuted by the state (city, state or country). The defenda (MORE)

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What is the difference between criminal and civil malpractice?

It refers to the unethical practice of law outisde the accepted canons of legal ethics. There is no difference between the two when referring to malpracticeAnother answer:Malp (MORE)

What is the difference between criminal and civil actions?

I have always understood that a Criminal action is where the Police are the prosecuting authority,against a person,or persons who have been charged with a criminal offence. A (MORE)

What is the difference between something being spiritually wrong and something being morally wrong?

Something being spiritually wrong is something that violations or breaks somones personal believes and faith, and is develop by people and ethcal groups another than Morally w (MORE)