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What is the difference between a love song and a Ballad?

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A ballad is a type of narrative poem that is meant to be sung and tells a story through the song. A love song is a song that has intimacy and has a faster tempo then a ballad.
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What the difference between I love you and I'm in love with you?

i love you is when a person cares about you and have all goody feelings and its at that point where you can use that expression "i love you", in love is when the relationship

What is the difference between love and being in love?

Well people can say I love you. But sometimes they don't :/ Only say love if you really mean it. Love is a precious word. Love means you love them you think their beautiful, Y

What is the difference between love and in love?

Ok, when you love someone, you care deeply about them. For example: You love your mother, you love your best friend, you love your brother (even though he may be a jerk someti

Whats the difference between in love and love?

When you love someone, your love for them grows each day. you cant imagine a life without them. Every day you feel your heart has reached its largest point and the next day it

Difference between Love and in love?

Well wats the difference of love and love,Is that when u love love somebody u always think about him/her u fell like u have to be with that person 24/7 and u deeply care about

What is the difference between be in love and love someone?

  To be "in love" often employs the connotation of romantic love. You'd be in love with a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. To just "love someone" is usually taken in

What is the difference between i love you and im in love with you?

You can "love" lots of PLACES and THINGS, sometimes people even. You would love your parents or children, but you are "in love" with your husband or boyfriend/girlfriend. Ther

What is different between love and in love?

  your kidding me?!   you should definitally know when you in love... like butterflies every single time you see them, uhm no matter what they do you still love them, e

What is the difference between a poem and a ballad?

A ballad is any light, simple song, esp. one of sentimental or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all sung to the same melody. A poem is a composition in verse, e

What is the difference between a ballad and a song?

Ballad- its a narrative poem that is intended to be sung; thus a story told in a song. Love song- A song w/ intimacy & love. Its a subset of songs or a romantic ballad. Hence

Is there a difference between I love you and I am in love with you?

it depends on the answering party. if someone generally is just like "i love you" it can be taken in many ways; like brother to brother, friend to friend, or partner to partne

What is the difference between i love you and I'm in love with you?

There is actually a big difference in the two.......love is a broad word.........When you say i love you its a feeling that is just there like you can love your cousin or you

Where can you find the lyrics to the song China 9 Love Ballad?

Here They Are: As I understand them to be from many times and listening, writing and correcting. Ronnee Blakeley's songs seem to ramble without sequential or rhyming lyrics bu