What is the difference between a revolt and a revolution?

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A revolt attempts to change conditions for a particular group of people; a revolution changes the constitution of a state.
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What is the difference between a revolt and a civil war?

A revolt is any conflict in which a group fights against an authority. If its participants fail in defeating the authority, the name of the revolt becomes "rebellion," and its

What is the basic difference between Revolt and Revolution?

Answer . A revolution means a change in the way a country is governed, usually to a different political system and often using violence or war.. When a revolt happens, th

What is the difference between a revolution and a rebellion?

A revolution calls for the complete overthrow and replacement of a specific govt, political system, etc. While a rebellion is an outward protest to a specific restriction, req

What is the difference between a riot and a revolution?

A riot is violent public disorder. For example, the famine led to widespread bread riots .. A revolution means a real change in the political system, for example, the Frenc

What is the difference between Revolution and Terrorism?

That is a very good question. I'm not even sure there is any difference at all... [Start] Revolution and terrorism are not related at all. It's like people and computer

What is the different between a rotation and a revolution?

In astronomical terms, we use the word "rotation" to refer to themotion of an object spinning; the Earth spins, and rotates aroundits axis in one day. Revolution refers to t