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What is the difference between aromatic and aliphatic compounds?

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Aliphatic compounds could be straight chain structures [Acyclic] like alkanes or cyclic structures, like cycloalkanes.
Aliphatic compounds are hydrocarbon chains - strings of carbon atoms connected to each other with hydrogen atoms hanging off the sides of the chain.
one exception for the definition of aliphatic side chain is Proline which also has aliphatic side chain but the its side chain is bonded to both carbon and nitrogen.

Aromatic compounds have benzene ring (older notion). Aromatic compounds are those which follow Huckel's rule. (4n + 2pi) rule. They have the general formula: CnH2n-6 [where n is equal to or greater than 6]
Aromatic compounds are rings - so take the chain and connect the two ends together to form a continuous loop.
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Differences between aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon?

1. Aliphatic Hydrocarbons are hydrocarbons which do not contain a benzene ring. Examples - Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes 2. Aromatic hydrocarbons are hydrocarbons which contai

What is the difference between aromatic and aliphatic amino acids?

Aliphatic, whose carbon atoms are joined together in straight or  branched open chains rather than in rings while aromatic has rings  in the structure.       

Why are aromatic diazonium salts more stable than aliphatic diazonium salts?

Aromatic diazonium salts are resonance stabilized and hence are more stable than the highly unstable aliphatic diazonium salts(which release N2 and ROH). However the aromatic

What is the difference between fortified wines and aromatic wines?

Fortified wines have had brandy or wine alcohol added to them. Aromatized wines are fortified and flavored with herbs, roots, flowers and barks.

Difference between spirits and aromatic water in pharmacy?

A pharmacist could detail the difference aromatic waters are the clear aqueous solution saturated with volatile oil or aromatic or volatile substance. while spirits are the al

What is the difference between cycloalkanes and aromatic compounds?

Aromatics contain a six-member ring, in which the majority of the atoms are (usually) carbon, where the bonds between adjacent atoms alternate as single-covalent and double-co

What is a simple test to distinguish between an aliphatic compound and an aromatic compound?

The aromatic compounds have higher ratio of carbon as compare to corresponding aliphatic compounds so aromatic compounds burn with soot (dark black smoke) due to unburned part

Is pyrazole aromatic compound?

Yes because Pyrazole refers both to the class of simple aromatic ring organic compounds of the heterocyclic diazole series characterized by a 5-membered ring structure compose

What is Huckel rule about aromatic compounds?

A cyclic molecule or ion having different resonating structure follows Hückel's rule when the number of its π-electrons equals 4n+2 where n is zero or any positive integer.

Is kerosine an aliphatic hydrocarbon or an aromatic hydrocarbon?

Kerosene/Kerosine   Kerosene or Kerosine is neither. It neither belongs under the Aliphatic or Aromatic branch of Organic chemistry. It's a different branch of Chemistry