What is the difference between autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

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The two conditions have now been merged, it was recognized that there was not enough difference between the two for them to be considered separate disorders/syndromes. The only real difference is that with Asperger Syndrome there is no developmental delays, whereas with Autism there can be developmental delays such as a delay in speech. The idea that Asperger Syndrome is less severe or 'high-functioning' (which is a highly offensive term) is completely false.
Autism and Asperger's syndrome are both autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and pervasive development disorders (PDD). People diagnosed with any type of autism spectrum disorder are either social avoident or socially inappropriate.

Asperger's Syndrome is considered to be "high-functioning." It is identified in people who have average or above average intelligence. They may have sensory integration disorder(s), which means any of their senses might be overloaded and overwhelming to them. People with Asperger's Syndrome also have self-stimulation (or "stimming"); in other words, obsessive and narrow interests (e.g., trains; video games; cars; astronomy). Most people diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome don't have problems in language, although it has been noted that speech can be unusually fast, jerky, loud or quiet. Some researchers speculate that there is a difference between high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. So, it is possible that the people with high-functioning autism have problems with language while those with Asperger's Syndrome do not. Most notabily, individuals with Asperger's (like with autism) have social skill impairments including problems with the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body postures, and gestures to regulate social interaction.
Also, like with autism they may have trouble developing peer relationships appropriate to developmental level.

Autism and PDD-NOS (a moderate form of Autism that can't specified by any other spectrum disorder) is considered to be "low-functioning." People with Autism or PDD-NOS have "stimming" that are considered to be "unusual" behavior (e.g. flapping their hands; rocking back and fourth; spinning things; rolling around in blankets). They may have sensory integration disorder(s), which means any of their senses might be overloaded and overwhelming to them, which they can't make sense of. Many people with Autism and/or PDD-NOS are non-verbal.
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What is life like for an adult with autism or Asperger's Syndrome?

Answer: I have Aspergers and I wrote this article not long ago. It may give you an idea of what it's like to have Aspergers, which is on the spectrum. I have a blog about living with Aspergers, if you are interested in learning more about living as an independent adult with Aspergers/autism. (see (MORE)

Is there a link between our environment and Asperger's Syndrome?

Answer Asperger Syndrome is one of the diagnoses included in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and there are many factors which may contribute to the structural abnormalities in the developing brain that are responsible for the behaviors often seen in ASD. The National Institute of Mental Health has (MORE)

What causes autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

Response: Researchers and mental health experts are still investigating the causes of autism and AS. Many believe that the pattern of behavior that characterizes AS may have many causes. There seems to be a hereditary component to AS, and research indicates that in some cases AS may be associated (MORE)

Did Michael Jackson have autism or Asperger's Syndrome?

There is no publicly known official diagnosis of autism orAsperger's Syndrome for Michael Jackson. People will speculateabout various possible conditions he might have that explain hisactions. However, only a professional can make that diagnosis withany accuracy, and no such professional is currentl (MORE)

Are manic depression and borderline personality disorder and sociopathic disorder and autism and Asperger's Syndrome all the same illness in different parts of the spectrum?

No. They are completely unrelated, however some can be comorbid; existing together. For example, schizaffective disorder is a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.. Comment on Comorbidity of Conditions with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome . Several studies show that about 40% of peopl (MORE)

Is there a connection between Asperger's Syndrome and narcissism?

I myself have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and within the last year through my experiments in dating and reading much philosophy and psychology I have came upon some conclusions. One with Aspergers their brain has an altered Amygdala. The purpose of the Amygdala is the processing and m (MORE)

Can someone have Asperger's Syndrome if he or she does not have autism?

Answer It depends on whom you ask. The two labels are differentiated in the official diagnosing manual (DSM IV) only by the presence or absence of an early language delay. And people diagnosed with Asperger's do have language delays (pragmatic, higher lever linguistic organization, and figurative (MORE)

Which chromosome is associated with autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

Most studies focus on autism or autism spectrum disorders, rather than Asperger's Syndrome specifically. More than one chromosome is linked to autism spectrum disorders. The chromosomes involved according to various studies are listed below. A few sites providing information on the genetics of au (MORE)

What is the difference between schizoid personality disorder and Asperger's syndrome?

Schizoids do not want friends but are generally not anxious around people and can act "normal". This does not mean that they do not suffer from social isolation, or that they do not feel lonely. People with Aspergers want to fit in but find it hard because of their bad social skills and awkwardness. (MORE)

Is high-functioning autism the same as Asperger's Syndrome?

It is uncertain. Some people who diagnose or work with people with Asperger's Syndrome describe Asperger's Syndrome (AS) as high-functioning autism (HFA), while others of them think there is a difference. The following is a list of suggested differences between Asperger's Syndrome and high-functi (MORE)

What is the difference between autism and Asperger's?

Autism is what is known as a "spectrum disorder," ranging from the low end (low-functioning autism) to the high end (high-functioning autism). Asperger's is a sub-type of autism that falls on the mid-to-high end of the autistic spectrum. Other disorders such as Pervasive Developmental Disorder are (MORE)

What is the difference between Asperger's Syndrome and autism?

I usually argue that autism is a higher category (like a higher taxon, to borrow from taxonomy) than Asperger Syndrome and thus Asperger Syndrome is a subset of autistic conditions. Autism exists as a spectrum, with Asperger Syndrome at the 'high functioning' end of it. Truly autistic people grow up (MORE)

Can a person with Asperger's Syndrome or autism pass on this condition to their child?

Yes. It's genetical but it is a lot more common in males than females. About 3 or 4 times more common in males than females so id say you will be so lucky if you can find a female with Asperger's. About it though males with Asperger's are 3 or 4 times more common than the other gender the average am (MORE)

What is the difference between schizophrenia and Asperger's syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome is very different from Schizophrenia. Asperger's is more closely related to Autism. In a nutshell, Asperger's is a problem with social interaction, while Schizophrenia is a devastating abnormality of expression and perception of reality. Some of the characteristics that schizoph (MORE)

Are there different levels of Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger's Syndrome can range from mild to severe. A person might have several traits of Asperger's Syndrome or might have a large number of traits, and each of these traits can range from mild to severe. So, some people with Asperger's Syndrome have only minor difficulties functioning in society wh (MORE)

What will arrive to be sensory over sensitivity Asperger's Syndrome and autism?

Children with Asperger's Syndrome suffer from sensory sensitivity or are "sensory defensive". This sensitivity can encompass any or all of the senses: sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. These sensitivities are real, and cause the sufferer much discomfort, some describing it as 'painful'. Sensory (MORE)

What is the difference between autism and Down syndrome?

Autism - A pervasive developmental disorder characterized by severe deficits in social interaction and communication, by an extremely limited range of activities and interests, and often by the presence of repetitive, stereotyped behaviors. Down Syndrome - A congenital disorder, caused by the prese (MORE)

Are Asperger's Syndrome and autism closely related?

Both Asperger's Syndrome and autism are pervasive developmental disorders, otherwise known as autism spectrum disorders. It is assumed that they have very similar genetic causes. Before Asperger's Syndrome became known as a condition, some children were labeled as having high-functioning autism when (MORE)

What are the differences and similarities between autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

Well to clarify, Asperger's Syndrome is within the Autism Spectrum Disorders. So it would help if you were more specific. But Asperger's Syndrome is classified as High Functioning Autism. Symptoms are commonly associated with social dysfunctions and antisocial behavior. Children with AS tend to be s (MORE)

Is Asperger's syndrome more adverse than autism?

no. A: Some people describe Asperger's Syndrome as a mild form of autism. This is inaccurate. Asperger's Syndrome and autism can be equally severe or equally mild. There is a range from mild to severe of each. It is labeled as autism if the child has mental retardation, whereas Asperger's Syn (MORE)

Are autism and Asperger's Syndrome the same condition?

No, they are not the same condition, but they are related disorders, and thus are similar. Both autism and Asperger's Syndrome are autism spectrum disorders. For a link to a question comparing both, see the Related Question section below. It is possible that what is known as high-functioning auti (MORE)

What are the similarities between autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome IS Autism, the only difference between the two isthat with Asperger Syndrome there is no developmental delay in thechildren diagnosed - however many doctors misdiagnosed people withAsperger Syndrome instead of Autism to avoid the stigma of Autism.The two conditions have been merged (MORE)

Is there a high rate of autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

It's relative. It depends on your opinion about what constitutes a high rate. The vast majority of people do not have autism or Asperger's Syndrome. It occurs in less than 1% of the population. There is a higher rate of cerebral palsy, but a lower rate of multiple sclerosis.

Is Asperger's Syndrome the same as autism?

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) is similar to autism. Both belong to the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) group. AS differs from Autism and other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. (see related links)

Is Asperger's Syndrome worse than autism?

Asperger's Syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder. The diagnostic difference between autism and Asperger's Syndrome is that autism has delayed language development while Asperger's Syndrome does not. (However, some people with Asperger's Syndrome displayed delayed language development.) Often, peop (MORE)

Is Asperger's Syndrome a type of autism?

Asperger's Syndrome is related to autism. Both are in the family of autism spectrum disorders. The two conditions have very similar symptoms, but Asperger's Syndrome is less likely to have a delay in the development of language use. When a child has the symptoms, autism is often diagnosed when IQ is (MORE)

What are the similarities and differences between Asperger's Syndrome and OCD?

The main difference between the two is that, Asperger's is anautistic spectrum disorder, a neurological disorder, that you areeither born with or you're not and is not something that can reallyever go away for good. Whereas OCD is a mental illness, an anxietydisorder, that you're not born with but c (MORE)

How much more common is Asperger's Syndrome than autism?

Asperger's Syndrome does not seem to occur more frequently than autism. More cases of autism are diagnosed than cases of Asperger's Syndrome. However, due to differences in diagnostic criteria, the difference in occurrence of autism to Asperger's Syndrome can range from slightly more frequent to ove (MORE)

Does Atticus Shaffer have Asperger's Syndrome or autism?

The actor Atticus Shaffer is not described as having autism or Asperger's Syndrome (AS), and details about him do not make it seem likely. The character he plays on the television series The Middle , Brick, is "quirky" and has symptoms that make it seem possible that the character has an autism spe (MORE)

How likely is it that the child of a woman with Asperger's Syndrome will have Asperger's Syndrome or autism?

There have not been any specific studies into the rate of autism/AS children of individuals with Asperger Syndrome. However, many studies into parents of autistic children have found that those parents are more likely to have autistic traits. One case study report on a little girl with two Asperg (MORE)

Do people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome understand money?

I have Aspergers, and I understand money perfectly fine. I know how to save it up, what I should and should not buy, saving for college, how to run a business, advertising, and what a fair allowance is. So yes, they can. I think that depends on the person with autism, I have autism and I'm hopele (MORE)

What is the difference between Aspergers and autism and Down syndrome?

A: I have a brother who has Downs Syndrome. He has learning difficulties and his speech isn't too good but his family can understand him... only some of his words are understandable by everybody, and Downs Syndrome people aren't too good at learning from their mistakes, so you have to keep remindi (MORE)

How different are the symptoms of autism and Asperger's syndrome?

Asperger's Syndrome is a form of autism which excludes clinicallysignificant intellectual disability and delayed speech. Some alsoinclude clumsiness in the description, but there was neveragreement on that. The ICD-10 calls it "A disorder of uncertain nosological validity",and it has been removed co (MORE)

Is there a connection between Asperger's Syndrome and codependency?

People with Asperger's have trouble forming long-term relationships. But when they do, it is often with someone with some form of codependency. This isn't necessarily a negative thing, an individual with Asperger's syndrome may be naturally inclined to resist the most damaging aspects of codependenc (MORE)

What are the similarities and differences between down syndrome and Autism?

There's a big difference (I am autistic.) First off: People with Down Syndrome have a physical handicap, and suffer from a genetic disorder that gives them great problems in everyday life, both mental and physical (Although a few can live a life of their own.) Autism is something completely diffe (MORE)

Where is Asperger's syndrome on the autism spectrum?

Asperger Syndrome is at the higher functioning end of the spectrum. In the DSM-IV, there are five conditions on the autism spectrum. Two of them (Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder) are extremely rare, so the majority of people on the autism spectrum have a diagnosis of either auti (MORE)

How is asperger's syndrome different from autism diagnosis?

There really is no difference between Autism and Asperger Syndrome,thus why the two diagnosis have now been merged - many doctorssimply diagnosed Asperger Syndrome to avoid stigma of Autism. Theonly real difference was that Autistic children showeddevelopmental delays, however that in itself does no (MORE)

How does Asperger syndrome differ from autism?

Asperger Syndrome is a form of Autism, the two actually aren'tdifferent conditions and thus why they were merged into AutismSpectrum Disorder in the DSM. The only difference was in diagnosticcriteria, those with Asperger Syndrome did not show developmentaldelays - although many people seem to have b (MORE)