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We all came to know and love you as an actor when you played David "Tweener" Apolskis in "Prison Break." How did being part of the Golden-Globe nominated television series change your career?

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What is the difference between Hockney's Photographic collages and his Composite Polaroid images?

There are some differences between Hockney's Photographic collages and his Composite Polaroid images. One difference is that the Composite Polaroid images are all broken up in (MORE)

How to Make Your First Collage

Collaging can be a great technique to pick up in order to create works of art. It involves using many small picture or pieces of pictures to form a larger piece of art. Learni (MORE)

Creative Collage Project Ideas

Collage projects mix art and imagination to create visually stimulating unique works of art. Crafts are creative and fun as they bring friends and family together. Crafty peop (MORE)

Colorful Alphabet Collage Craft for Kids

Making a collage is a great educational and creative activity for a child. Making an alphabet collage gives your child the chance to identify letters on sight and have a homem (MORE)

What is the difference between sculptures in the round and relief sculptures?

In the round sculptures tend to free standing three dimensional forms -think of bronze statues or the lions in trafalgar square. In relief tend to be built up or carved out f (MORE)

What is the difference between additive and subtractive sculpture process?

In subtractive processes, the sculptor begins with a mass of material larger than the finished work and removes material, or subtracts from that mass until the work achieves i (MORE)
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Collage Art Ideas

Collages are a creative way to make ordinary objects more interesting. Use your imagination to help you come up with unique artwork made with anything from magazine pictures t (MORE)

Top Colleges in California

California is home to many of the top private schools in the country. The top five private schools in the state are all within the top thirty of all private schools nationally (MORE)