What is the difference between computer hardware and computer software?

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Hardware/Software Hardware ia anything HARD, in essence, paper, printers, mice, hard drives, processor fans, monitors, etc. Software is otherwise known as computer programs.
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What is difference between system software and computer software?

"System" tends to refer to main servers, mainframes, and other major "behind the scenes" technology hardware centers. "Computer" colloquially refers to a personal computer; a miniature version of a system (though in fact both personal computers and systems are types of computers). The software that (MORE)

Different kinds of hardware or software attach or available in computer?

Hardware - Different kinds of hardware can vary from appliances such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, or even graphics card and sound card. Software - Software are certain applications that are stored on your hard drive, such as games, music players, drivers for your differe (MORE)

What are the difference between Hardware and software?

Hardware is the physical manifestation of the computer. The wires, the transistors, the ICs, and so on. What you actually pick up and carry home. Software is the data stored on the hardware, in the form (usually) of binary (1s and 0s). Hardware is the machine, but modern computers are built such t (MORE)

What is thedetailed relationship between the computer hardware and software?

Computer software is so called to distinguish it from computer hardware , which encompasses the physical interconnections and devices required to store and execute (or run) the software. At the lowest level, software consists of a machine language specific to an individual processor. A machine l (MORE)

Relationship between hardware and software of computer system?

For a computer to produce useful output its hardware and softwaremust work together. Nothing useful can be done with the hardware onits own, and software cannot be utilized without supportinghardware. To take an analogy, a cassette player and its cassettespurchased from the market are hardware. Howe (MORE)

Significance of computer hardware and computer software?

Hardware Components are what makes up the actual body of the PC. They are the CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD and etc. In order for the computer to function, you need the hardware. Softwares are applications you can perform on the hardware, such as programming, gaming and such. Better the hardware, better softw (MORE)

Difference between hardware and computer networking?

How we compare hardware n networking ,,the question is wrong....hardware iz purely related to system assembling and trouble shouting. networking is connecting between one computer to another...is der any quries just giv me a call 9030128350....Santhosh

What is meant by computer hardware and software?

Hardware includes the physical components, such as the motherboard, chips, memory, and hard drives, while software includes the programs that run on the hardware. Ergo, a computer is hardware, while an operating system such as Windows 8, Linux, or Mac OSx Mountain Lion is the software that makes the (MORE)

What is the difference between computer software and computer operating systems?

Computer software is data on your hard drive that the processor reads and executes. Software is a bunch of instructions telling your computer what to do. The operating system is a piece of software that gives the computer user a way to interact with the computer. When you turn on your computer, it s (MORE)

What is the computer hardware and software?

Computer HARDWARE are actual pieces of a computer, specifically inside. Computer SOFTWARE are virtual pieces of information, like operating systems, web browsers, drivers, and other programs.. HARDWARE is the TANGIBLE part of a computer. SOFTWARE is the INTANGIBLE part of a computer

Is a computer virus hardware or software?

A computer virus is a malicious program, so I am going to say that it is software. Hardware is the physical components of the computer, in other words, the parts that you can kick.

Types of software and hardware of computer?

types of softwares are: 1.operating system 2.Application programs hardwares are anything you can physically touch and grab, such as the monitor, keybaord / mouse, hard drive, RAM chips, processor, DVD drive, etc.

What is the difference between computer science and computer hardware?

Computer science is the study of computers (particularly software). Computer hardware is the physical parts of a computer. Hardware may include a screen, a hard drive, a mouse, a keyboard, RAM, etc. Basically, computer science is something people study, and computer hardware is what a computer is ph (MORE)

What are the differences between computer organization computer architecture and computer hardware?

Judging by your question I can try to answer with the following: I believe what you are referring to would be the Computer's "Form Factor" that will determine what parts and/or components you can install in a particular CPU case. The form factor does control how you would organize the parts, it dict (MORE)

What are the computer hardware and software components?

Basically hardware is the physical machine you run your software (programs) on. For example hardware includes monitors, keyboards, motherboards, cd-roms, processors, etc. Meanwhile software are the programs you run (like notepad, Firefox, Safari, MS Word or games) and the operating system (which is (MORE)

Differentiate computer software from computer hardware?

Hardware is a comprehensive term for all of the physical parts of a computer Refers to objects that you can actually touch, like disks, disk drives, display screens, keyboards, printers, boards, and chips. Software is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructio (MORE)

Difference between software and firmware in computer?

A fully functional Personal Computer isn't just the machine itself, but also the programs it runs. The best machine is useless without programs for it. A typical PC will consist of three 'segments': hardware (the physical machine), firmware (the built-in programming for the machine) and software (MORE)

How do you choose computer hardware and software?

It depends on how much you can afford on hardwares. Basically, the most elementary CPU (processor) must have two physical cores, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor for instance. Good brand for an optical drive is Sony. At least 500 GB for a Hard Disk, there is a lot of good brands, and if your demand is (MORE)

Is a computer hardware or software?

Computer comprises of two things - Hardware and Software Hardware is a comprehensive term for all of the physical parts of a computer Refers to objects that you can actually touch, like disks, disk drives, display screens, keyboards, printers, boards, and chips. Software is a collection of c (MORE)

What is responsible for the computers hardware and software?

If the question is: WHO is responsible for the computer hardware and software? Then, it may vary among companies and organizations. In some organization, the system administrator are responsible for computer hardware; The support, database administrator and development team are responsible for (MORE)

What is the importance of the computer software to the computer hardware?

As we all are know taht software of two types SYSTEM SOFTWARE and APPLICATION SOFTWARE. Here the SYSTEM SOFTWARE(eg: Operating System) is a software used to the computer hardware. The components used in the computer hardware are all static things.It can't work by itself rather it should be work by t (MORE)

Why do we separate the software from the hardware in computers?

hardware is what the computer are made of that includes but not limit to graphic-cards,ram,hdd,Motherboard(MB),CPU(central processing unit),fans,cabinet and things like that... for what software is is easier to just quote wikipedia, . software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and (MORE)

Why do you need hardware and software on your computer?

We need Hardware and Software devices on your computer because it would not work. It would not be finished. Because without Hardware devices, there is no monitor, no mouse, and etc. Without Software there is no games or programs on the computer, it would be blank.

How is computer software different from computer hardware?

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.

How does computer hardware communicate with the software?

Computer hardware communicates with software by sending commands in binary code (1's and 0's) to the CPU, which gives the instructions of what to do to the hardware. You can learn more about CPU's and the binary number system online at the Wikipedia.