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Can you give me 5 example of a different coordinating conjunction?

The bowl of squid eyeball stew is hot and delicious.The squid eyeball stew is so thick that you can eat it with a fork or spoon.Rocky, my orange tomcat, loves having his head

What are coordinating and subordinating conjunctions?

What are coordinating and subordinating conjunctions?

Coordinating Conjunctions are words that connect two equal  words, phrases, or clauses.    For example:    Connecting two words: apple and orange.   Connecting t

What is the difference in coordinating conjunction and subordinating conjunction?

A coordinating conjunction links two independant clauses, but a subordinating conujunction links a independant clause and a dependant clause.Coordinating; Main clause+ cc + ma

What are examples of subordinating conjunctions?

express time-after,as long as,as soon as,before,when,while,since,until express time-as,as if,though because-gives the cause of condition-although,as long as,

What are the differences between prepositions and conjunctions?

What are the differences between prepositions and conjunctions?

Generally, a preposition is followed by a noun phrase and a conjunction is followed by a clause.   -You should do it before your arrival. PREP + NP   -You should do it b

What is the difference between conjunctions and prepositions?

  A preposotion are these words: Above, over, under, beside   It is where one object is in relaton to another object   and a conjuction is: and, if, that   they a

What are subordinating conjunctions?

Subordinating Conjunctions are conjunctions that come at the beginning of clauses and make a clause dependent on another clause. They also show a relationship between one clau

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Explain the difference between coordinates conjunction and subordination conjunctions?

Coordinating Conjunction joins words or groups of words that are equal in grammatical importance. They are: FANBOY F-for, A-and, N-nor, B-but, O-or, Y-yet. example: I wrote th

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What are subordinate conjunction of coordinate conjunction?

Conjunctions are commonly called joining words. They link together two parts of a sentence. There are coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. coordinating c

What is the difference between subordination and insubordination?

Subordination and insubordination are used grammatically to differentiate between the completion of a group of words.If for instance you have a group of word that makes a comp