What is the difference between fish and fishes?

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in the group, all the fish are of the same species = use "fish"

in the group, the fishes are of different species = use "fishes"
Fish is used as plural and singular.


Fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish.
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What are the differences between fish and birds?

Fish Have scales, live in the water, are cold blooded, have a diet of smaller organisms or algae, depending on the species, have a different life span, have a different body

What are the differences between whales and fish?

Whales are mammals which means that they have lungs. Fish do not have lungs, they have gills. Whales also have a different way of swimming than fish. They move their tail fin

What is the different between fish and prawn?

A prawn is a crustacean, identified by its shell and lack of a spine. the term "fish" encompasses thousands of species, but as a general rule they can be identified by having
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What are differences between a star fish and a fish?

A star fish is not a fish and it does have the word fish in it butits not a fish. A fish is an aquatic vertebrate with an internal skeleton of boneor cartilage and usually a r