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in the group, all the fish are of the same species = use "fish"

in the group, the fishes are of different species = use "fishes"
Fish is used as plural and singular.


Fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish.
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What is the difference between a tadpole and a fish?

Tadpoles are the young of amphibians such as frogs and toads. Fish are a completely different species of animal who spend most if not all of their lives in water. There are si

What is the difference between fish and sharks?

sharks - have rows of teeth, no scales, can't stop swimming &  can't swim backwards, need constant water flow over gills,  cartilage - no bone, oily liver instead of a swim

What is the difference between a fish and a human?

  well iwould liek to say what type of question is that a human is a mamal a fish is an aquatic creature .........fish breath through gills what do we as humans breath thr

What is the difference between a bird and a fish?

    Not really a whole lot, actually, except for some external differences. Both birds and fish share most of the same organs and cellular structure - they have backbo

What is the difference between fish and seafood?

Seafood refers to every single organism living in "sea environment" that is consumed as a food source by human beings. Fish refers to a family of organism with certain mutual

Difference between spear fishing and fishing?

Spear fishing is done with a spear & regular is done with a rod/reel w/ fishing line & you catch the fish on a hook with bait.

What is the difference between fish and mammlas?

I think you mean 'mammals'. And the answer is a lot, considering most mammal ancestors evolved from the first fish. For instance, mammals are often covered in hair, have fou

What is the difference between fish and animal?

Fish are a type of animal. Mammals have internal lungs similar to humans with which they breathe. Fish have external gills so they can breathe underwater. They also have dif
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What are differences between a star fish and a fish?

A star fish is not a fish and it does have the word fish in it but  its not a fish.   A fish is an aquatic vertebrate with an internal skeleton of bone  or cartilage and