What is the difference between ft pounds and in pounds in torque wrenches How many inch pounds are in ft pounds or vise versa?

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Ft-Lbs is a measurement of torque. Torque is "twisting" force.
Ft-Lbs is measured as follows: Imagine a 1 ft bar attached at some center point. The bar is horizontal and a 100 lb weight is attached to the bar at one foot from the center point. That would be the very definition of 100 ft-lb of torque. Of course for this to be accurate you'd have to account for the weight of the bar. In this instance 100 ft pounds of torque would mean that a 100 pound weight was used instead. You could also use a 100 ft bar and ONE pound weight, the theoretical results would be identical.

Inch pounds are very similar, only the bar would be one inch long. To calculate 100 inch pounds you'd have a bar that was 1 inch long, at the horizontal and hang a 100 pound weight. For all practical purposes 100 inch pounds would be 1/12 of the torque represented by 100 Ft pounds.
In other words, there are 12 inch lbs, in one ft. lb.

An easy way to think of it is based on the unit of measure. Whether you are working with Ft-Lbs or In-Lbs or even in Metric using N-M (Newton-Meters) doesn't matter.
If you were to express Ft-Lbs as "Pounds per Foot" or In-Lbs as "Pounds per Inch", or in metric "Newtons of force per Meter" it may be easier to understand.

For conversion purposes, there are 12 inches in a foot, so "one foot pound" would equal "Twelve Inch Pounds". In other words, it takes "12 pounds of force on a one inch long bar" to equal the twisting force of "One pound of force on a one foot (12 inch) long bar"
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How do you convert Ft pounds to In pounds?

Answer . To convert foot pounds to inch pounds, multiply by 12. 10 ft/lbs is 120 in/lbs. . Answer . To convert foot pounds to inch pounds, multiply by 12. 10 ft/lbs is 120 in/lbs.

How many fps are in twelve ft pounds?

You are mixing apples and Tuesday. FPS refers to feet per second or how fast a projectile is travelling.. ft lbs refers to a measurement of recoil.

How many inch pounds of torque are equal to 9 newton pounds?

You could have 'newton-centimeters', or 'newton-inches', or 'poundmeters' etc., but you can't have 'newton pounds'. Torque is (a distance) x (a force), but 'newton pound' is (force) x(force). Whether or not that has any physical significance at all, it'ssurely not torque.

How many Pound inches equals how many inch pounds?

Well my guess is the best solution for you to see how many pounds equals a certain amount of inches is probably just buying a cheap scale from walmart and checking it every day. Now what i just did was I asked this exact question and it said do you want to answer it. So sorry if this wasnt any help. (MORE)

You are 5 ft 2 inches and a half tall and you weigh 114 pounds how many calories should you consume to get down to 110 pounds?

You are 5' 2" and weigh 114 lbs. What are you thinking? You are already at a perfect weight. In fact you are slightly below what you could weigh and still be healthy. Are you worried about your weight or your health? Seems you are only concentrating on weight with no thought to health. A skinny woma (MORE)

How many cu ft of propane per pound?

there is no definative answer because this depends on the pressure of the cylinder holding the propane. it is possible for a 1 cubic foot container to hold variouse weights of propane

How do you convert pounds to ft?

Lbs (pounds) are a unit of weight. Ft (feet) are a unit of length. There is no way to universally convert between the two and make any sense at all.

What does pound-ft torque mean?

The pound-foot of torque is a measure of an engine's pushing force to propel a car forward. Therefore, if a car's engine can push a car forward weighing 6000 lbs up a 45 degree slope from a standstill, it must have at least a 300 lb-ft torque to applying the required pressure/force to propel that ca (MORE)

Is 52 pounds overweight for a 4 ft 2 inch 8 year old?

Yes it is , it's more than overweight , obese. ADDED: The above is utter nonsense! BMI ( body mass index ) = pounds * 703/height in inches squared = 52 lb * 703/(50 in)^2 = 14.6 You could gain some weight. The range is about 19 to 25.

How many inch pounds in a pound?

You cannot compare these two units of measurement because they deal with two different things. Inches is a unit of measurement of length whereas, a pound is a unit of measurement of weight.

How many cu. ft. are in a pound?

Cubic feet is a measure of volume (i.e. a cube measuring one foot x one foot x one foot). Pounds is a measure of weight (mass). Therefore the relationship between cubic feet and pounds is called density (lbs per cubic foot) and will vary for each substance: a gas (at atmospheric pressure) will have (MORE)

How many pounds are in 1 linear ft?

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A linear foot is a measure of distance, with dimensions [L]. A pound is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional informa (MORE)

49 cu ft is how many pounds?

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A cubic foot is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L 3 ]. A pound is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional informa (MORE)

Convert ft-pounds torque to horsepower?

You cannot truly convert ft-lbs to horse power. Foot-pounds are a measurement of force. Horsepower is the application of force to accomplish work (force applied to resistance over a period of time.) Think about a bicycle... When you ride a bicycle, your legs are like pistons. When you push (MORE)

How many inches is 0.24 pounds?

15.334 inches per pound... Wait, that's total nonsense and I just made it up. You cannot convert inches to pounds because one is a weight and one is length. Which weighs more: a pound of stones or a pound of feathers?

How many ft in a pound?

ft is a measurement of length, pounds is a measurement of weight so the two aren't related

How much pound is 20 cu ft?

A cubic foot is a measure of volume (size). A pound is a measure of weight. The amount of weight that can fit in 20 cubic feet is different for different things. For example, a box with a volume (size) of 20 cubic feet, filled with solid gold, would weigh more than a box with the same size but fille (MORE)

How many inches on torque wrench equals 44 pounds?

if you want to put 44 lbsf - ft of torque on a nut, the force on the lever (lbs) * the distance from the nut centre (feet) should = 44, any combination of force and lever length will do, as long as the product is 44 . examples: . 3 foot lever * ? (lbsf)= 44 44 / 3 = 14.67 lbsf . ? foot lever * 15 lb (MORE)

How many pounds in a cubic inches?

Cubic inches is a measure of volume, and lbs is a measure of mass (technically it is a measure of weight or force). so it would be like comparing inches to seconds. how many inches in a second? doesnt work

How many pounds in 129 inches?

Can't be answered. lbs = pounds is a unit of weight, Inches is a distance - they don't translate. You might as well ask how tall a gallon is.

How many psi in 1 pound ft?

Um... there are 1 psi (lb/in 2 ) = 144 psf (lb f /ft 2 ) , if by (lb ft) you meant pounnds per square foot. then there is 1/144 psi in 1 (lb f /ft 2 )