What is the difference between gulf and strait?

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Strait is narrow stretch of water joining 2 large bodies of water. Gulf is part of a large body of water that extends into a shoreline
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What is the difference between gulf and peninsula?

A Gulf is a place where the sea sticks into the land. A peninsula is where the land sticks out into the sea. See, for example, the GULF of Mexico and the Yucatan PENINSULA. Peninsula - Latin paene (nearly) insula (island). Connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land called an ISTHMUS.

What is the difference between a strait and an isthmus?

A strait is a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodiesof water An Isthmus is a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on bothsides) connecting two larger land masses One is a thin bit of water between two big bits of land (that is a strait) whereas the other is a thin bit of land be (MORE)

What is the name of the strait that connects the persian gulf and the gulf of oman?

The Strait of Hormuz. The Gulf of Oman also called as Sea of Oman is a channel that linksthe Arabian Sea with the Strait of Hormuz and thePersian Gulf. It is usually considered as a branch of the PersianGulf, not as a part of the Arabian Sea. Pakistan and Iran (Persia)covers the north coast, Om (MORE)

Strait between Spain and Africa?

The strait located between Spain and Africa is known as the Straitof Gibraltar. This strait connects the Atlantic Ocean with theMediterranean Sea.

What is the difference between Gulf War and World War I?

About the same difference between World War 2 and World War 1. The warplane and the tank were first used in World War 1, but armies were unable to move fast enough for long enough to exploit the break in the enemy line. This situation was rectified early in World War 2, and it kept the Gulf War from (MORE)

What is the difference between seas oceans and gulfs?

Sea is defined as: 1b. A tract of water within an ocean 1c. A relatively large body of salt water completely or partially enclosed by land 1d. A relatively large land-locked body of fresh water. Ocean is defined as: 1. The entire body of salt water that covers more than 70% of the earth (MORE)

What are some differences between the Persian gulf war and the Iraq war?

There were three golf wars in the 20th & 21st centuries:. 1. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. 2. Operation Desert Storm Jan/Feb 1991. 3. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-. The Real Answer . The Persian Gulf War was a conventional war. The war in Iraq today is an insurgency.. And another thing..... . (MORE)

What is difference between ocean and gulf?

and ocean is a big body of water and a gulf is surrounded by three sides of land ...for example the gulf of Mexico its surrounded by land but not completely surrounded

What is the difference between a gulf and a harbor?

The question actually is what is the difference between a gulf and a bay because a harbour is attached to the land where boats dock. The best definition of difference between the two is, a gulf is, a large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land, especially a long landlocked portion of se (MORE)

What is the difference between gulf and a bay?

It is a matter of size, a Bay is a body of water forming anindentation on the shoreline. This makes a Bay larger than a Covebut smaller than a Gulf. A Gulf is described as a portion of anocean or sea, partially enclosed by land

How are straits and channel different?

straits and channels are different because the channels are wider than the strait. The straits are a narrow body of water between two pieces of land.

What the difference between bay and gulf?

I'm not to sure because if you think about Hudson bay and the gulf of Mexico they are nearly the same size as each other try searching "bay" and "gulf" separately and check for different results. hope I helped :) The main difference is that a gulf is a 'large deep bay', it is a deep place in the (MORE)

What is the difference between a strait ans an isthmus?

A strait is a narrow body of water between two bodies of land and from one body of water to another.. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water and running from one larger body of land to another larger body of land

What is the difference between the Gulf Stream and the Jet Stream?

The Gulf Stream is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and flows around the world acting as a 'conveyor belt' of warm water along the ocean surface. A jet stream however is defined as a current of rapidly moving air that is usually several thou (MORE)

What is the difference between the gulf stream and the global conveyor belt?

The Gulf Stream is a powerful and warm Atlantic Ocean current that originates at the Tip of Florida and going along the East coast of America. It then splits in two, some of it going to Europe, and some of it going to West Africa and recirculating back. The global conveyor belt is the one current t (MORE)

What is the difference between an ocean and the Gulf of Mexico?

Oceans lie between continents. A gulf is a body of water that is partially surrounded by land and connected to a larger body through one or more straits. The Gulf of Mexico is partially enclosed by the North American Continent. Another difference: The deepest point in the Gulf of Mexico is about 14 (MORE)

What is difference between gulf and straight?

A strait is a narrow, navigable channel of water that connects two larger navigable bodies of water. A gulf, usually referring to a large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea. A fjord is a long, narrow bay with steep sides, created in a valley, carved in a glacial period by a glacier moving f (MORE)

What are the differences between The aboriginal flag and the Torres strait islander flag?

The Aboriginal flag is divided horizontally into equal halves of black at the top and red at the bottom, and has a yellow circle in the center. Black symbolizes the Aboriginal people, the red represents the earth and the and the yellow circle represents the sun. The Torres Strait Islander flag ha (MORE)