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What is the difference between human sex and animal sex?

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human's have sex because they want to. but animals it is a part of live. Dolphins have sex for fun too don't forget, and they're also very intelligent and obviously know whats good for them.
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Animal and human sex?

Animal and human sex?

What are the differences between humans and animals?

What are the differences between humans and animals?

Almost all religions in one way or another say that humans have a soul or spirit, which either goes to heaven (or hell) after death or is reborn into another human. Even when
What it mean that Human sex with an animal?

What it mean that Human sex with an animal?

The act of a human having sex with an animal is called bestiality. It is morally wrong and is illegal as it is also animal cruelty.

What is the difference of Sex in animal and sex in man?

While both categories mate for procreative purposes, humans exercise recreational or lusty sex which the animal kingdom do not.  Another answer:  Actually there are animals

Differences between animal and human?

1.We were able to speak languages, unlike animals, which only make sounds. Also,we writes in words, just like I'm doing now. However, animal can not write. 2. We have an abili

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What is the difference between sex and oral sex?

  The difference between sex and oral sex :-   Sex is when two persons have sexual intercourse, ie; the man inserting his penis into the womans vagina.   Oral se

Humans having sex with animals?

Humans can have sex with animals. Its really quite fun as the animal will get very sexual and start to push its vagina/penis into you. You can have babies with it but it doesn

What are the difference between human and animal?

Humans come under animals, so you cant differentiate, but narrowing  the category like difference between mammals and other animals, we  can get good differences. Humans hav
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Is human animal sex possible?

Do not have sex with an animal.