What is the difference between human sex and animal sex?

What is the difference between human sex and animal sex?
human's have sex because they want to. but animals it is a part of live. Dolphins have sex for fun too don't forget, and they're also very intelligent and obviously know whats good for them.
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Differences between animal and human?

1.We were able to speak languages, unlike animals, which only make sounds. Also,we writes in words, just like I'm doing now. However, animal can not write. 2. We have an abili (MORE)

How are animals and humans different?

We are not. A human is a type of animal.    Humans are catarrhines, meaning our nostrils point downwards. This  is a feature we share with other "old world" monkeys an (MORE)
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What is the difference between human and animal nutrition?

Human nutrition is different than animal nutrition in many ways. First of all, many animals are limited in the kinds of foods they can eat. Many animals are either herbivores (MORE)
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What is the difference between humanities and humanism?

    Humanities are a group of subjects relating to art and human experience: such as Art, Sociology, Literature and so forth.     Humanism is a philosophy about (MORE)

Can rabbits of different sexes share a cage?

Yes and no... A spayed female and neutered male can share a cage if they're bonded. Bonding can be a long, arduous process, or it can happen instantaneously. The important thi (MORE)

8 Surprisingly Human Things That Animals Do, Too

Rats are ticklish, just like humans. Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp discovered that rats make a unique sound when playing with other rats and emitted the same sound when they we (MORE)
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The Difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Although animal rights and animal welfare may both be regarded as schools of thought that seek to protect animals, they are fundamentally different in philosophically. Animal (MORE)
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Why are humans and animals physiologically different?

everything and every one has a different physiological mind. the "animals" are just most different then humans. and mind you, humans are animals, too. the reason most "animals (MORE)

What is the differencce between animals and humans?

We have much more in common with animals than we think. Like us, some animals can make tools. The only difference is that our tools are a lot more complex. Like us, some anima (MORE)
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Animal rights proponents typically work to imbue dealings with animals with humanity and compassion, or eradicate the usage of animals as products altogether. This may include (MORE)