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  1. Interlaced versus non-interlaced. Which is better...
    Simply put, non-interlaced monitors (or rather, non-interlaced video modes) are considered superior because they tend to produce less flicker.
  2. Why do interlaced monitors tend to produce more flicker...
    The reason is non-interlaced monitors/video modes use only one pass or "sweep" of the electron gun, whereas interlaced monitors/modes use two passes or "sweeps" to display the same image. With interlaced monitors/modes, one set of lines is made on the first sweep then, a split second later, a second sweep creates more lines to fill in areas left open after the first sweep. More accurate results can be had when one sweep, rather than two sweeps, produces the image. Non-interlaced monitors are capable of interlacing, but the display results are better with non-interlacing; thus, there is no sense or desirability to use interlaced modes on non-interlaced monitors.
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