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What is the difference between internal and external stakeholders?

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Internal Stakeholders include owners of the business, customers, suppliers, employees, and so forth. External stakeholders do not own or work with the business, but still have an interest in the business. They include: Interest group that might want to kick against the new developments, Associations and organisation inclusive; the press/media, local governments, local communities, and public authorities.External stakeholders might also be debtholders/creditors (i.e. a bank, if the business has a loan taken out)

Some of the above is actually misleading.
First of all, stakeholders is the community of people affected by the decisions and actions of a business. They don't have a direct share in the ownership of the business.

Internal stakeholders are people who work directly within the business.
These includes:
- employees
- management

External stakeholders are people who are not directly working within the business but are affected in some way from the decisions of the business.
These includes:
- customers
- suppliers
- local communities
- future generations
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