What is the difference between lymph and plasma?

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Lymph and plasma are basically the same substance but it changes names depending on location.
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What is the difference between edema and lymph edema?

It really bad for some one to have it . What an understatement. That is a little like saying that it's "really bad" to have any disease! And does nothing to answer the ques

What is the Difference between blood and lymph?

lymph caries digested and absorbed fat from intestine and drains excess fluid from extra cellular space back into blood. Lymph is basically blood plasma without the blood c

What is difference between serum and lymph?

Serum is in the blood vessels (circulating blood). Lymph is the plasma that diffuses through the arteries (used to be part of the blood) into the lymph system. Once it flows t

What is the different between blood and lymph?

the difference between blood, and lymph, is blood is a substance that is suppose to carry oxygen throughout the body. lymph nodes (lymph for short) is a 2 millimeter circle th

What is the difference between interstitial fluid and lymph?

Location also LYMPH . - Lymph means clear water and it is derived from the fluid and protein that has been squeezed out of the blood (i.e. blood plasma). - It is a pale flui

Differences between blood plasma and lymph fluid?

There are many differences that can be found between blood andlymph fluid. The cells that are present in blood includeerythrocytes, leucocytes, and plates. In lymph fluid the

What is the difference between plasma and electricity?

The ELECTICITY is produce the mechanical things like air conditioner,electric fan,lights etc.. The PLASMA is one of four fundamental states of matter . Heating a gas may i

What is lymph what is plasma?

Plasma is a transparent fluid in which our corpoulses(RBC's, WBC's, platelets) flows and lymph are one of the white blood cells in our body it is also called lymphocytes, that