What is the difference between multiplexing and demultiplexing?

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MULTIPLEXING is used to take a signal and send it out to many
DE multiplexing perform the opposite
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What is the difference between multiplexing and multiple access?

  MODULATION:   Usually, the signal that we want to transmit, say a speech signal with 4000 Hz frequency, will require a very big antenna. For any signal the frequency (MORE)

What is the Difference between encoder and multiplexer?

An encoder refers to a device that is used to change a signal or data into a code. Whereas a Multiplexer or mux is a device which performs multiplexing or it takes information (MORE)
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Introduction multiplexer demultiplexer?

A multiplexer, commonly referred as an input selector, is a circuit  with many inputs but only one output: it has some data inputs,  control inputs and one output, depending (MORE)

What is the difference between modulation and multiplexing?

Modulation is the way a source of information transmits that information through a carrier. For example, look at human speech. A person, the source of information, transmits (MORE)