What is the difference between orientation and induction?

INDUCTION is a primary introductory course mostly designed by organizations for their new appointees to acclimatize themselves with the new office environment and organizational structure, whereas TRAINING is imparted to the employees with some experience in the organization to enhance their knowledge, skills to improve quality of service.
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What s the difference between induction and deduction?

Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are terms used to describe logic processes.In general, the inductive process involves a small amount of input observation or inform (MORE)

Differences between bit-oriented and byte-oriented protocols?

In bit oriented Protocol, a flag is used to frame the bits sent. Simply put, you have a fllag (01111110) and the required bits are sent after the flag and you end the transmis (MORE)

What is the difference between the inductive and deductive inference?

inductive means from a specific experience to a general principle. deductive means using a general principle to determine the outcome of a specific event.
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The differences between inductive reactance and resistance?

resistance is real, the other purely imaginary.   AnswerResistance is the opposition to the flow of current (AC or DC) which is proportional to a conductor's cross-section (MORE)
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What is the difference between inductive and non inductive resistor?

INDUCTIVE RESISTOR:Any circuit in which change in current is accompained by change in flux and therefore by inuced emf is said to be inductive.    NON-INDUCTIVE:if a d (MORE)

The difference between induction and conduction?

conduction is when the electricity is flowing because something is touching it,induction is when elctricity is flowing , but there is nothing touching it In cas of conduction (MORE)