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What is the difference between orientation and induction?

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INDUCTION is a primary introductory course mostly designed by organizations for their new appointees to acclimatize themselves with the new office environment and organizational structure, whereas TRAINING is imparted to the employees with some experience in the organization to enhance their knowledge, skills to improve quality of service. There is not a huge difference between orientation and induction. Induction is the being accepted and orientation is being shown what to do once inducted.
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What is the difference between inductive and non inductive resistor?

INDUCTIVE RESISTOR:Any circuit in which change in current is accompained by change in flux and therefore by inuced emf is said to be inductive.    NON-INDUCTIVE:if a doubl

What is the difference between resistance capacitance and inductance?

Firstly the suffix '-ance' in each of those three words indicate the properties the material exhibits. Therefore resistance is the property by which any material tends to op

Differences between bit-oriented and byte-oriented protocols?

In bit oriented Protocol, a flag is used to frame the bits sent. Simply put, you have a fllag (01111110) and the required bits are sent after the flag and you end the transmis

What is the difference between electromagnetism and electromagnet induction?

Electromagnetism is first discovered by Oersted. Electromagnetic induction first found by Michael Faraday. Electromagnetism is the phenomenon in which magnetism is produced wh

The differences between inductive reactance and resistance?

resistance is real, the other purely imaginary.   Answer Resistance is the opposition to the flow of current (AC or DC) which is proportional to a conductor's cross-secti

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In induction motors no seprate source is required to start the motor,and motor itself induces emf as the word induction clearly reflects it starting principle while in case of

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Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are terms used to describe logic processes. In general, the inductive process involves a small amount of input observation or infor

Difference between transformer and induction motor?

1. Induction Motor has an air-gap but transformer has no air gap rather it is mutually link. 2. Induction Motor has high no-load current than transformer. 3. Induction Motor

What is the difference between charging by conduction and induction?

Charging by Induction:- 1. No physical contact. 2. No exchange of charge. Charging by conduction:- 1. Two objects must be in physical contact. 2.Transfer of charge takes place

What is the difference between conduction and induction?

Conduction is a process of static electricity when energy is able to flow from one object to another when they are touching. Induction is a process of static electricity when

What is the difference between sales orientation and marketing orientation?

marketing orinted believe that all partsall deptment and all starf members of the besiness should focus their efforts and hard to setisfy the needs of the consumers and make p

Difference between inductance and inductive reactance?

The opposition to AC current flow in a circuit due to induction is called inductive reactance. The process of generating electrical current in a conductor by placing the con

What is the difference between capacitive and inductive loading?

A capacitor is a device that resists a change in voltage, proportional to current and inversely proportional to capacitance.   dv/dt = i/c   An inductor is a devic

What is the difference between product oriented and market oriented?

Production orientation means producing product according to the goods acts and here is the seller king. and market orientation means producing the product according to the cus

Difference between inductive and deductive reasoning?

inductive reasoning is self propagation and self established inductive reasoning starts with empirical observations of specific phenomena, then establishes a general rule to