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Personal Liability insurance is purchased by individuals and is normally included as part of a residential insurance policy, such as a Homeowners, Condo or Tenants package. It provides the insured with protection against lawsuits from third parties arising from the ownership and/or occupancy of the residence, including the personal actions of insured persons (eg. a visitor to the residence slips and falls on the front walkway due to a build up of ice/snow).
General Liability insurance is the common abbreviation used in the industry to refer to "Commercial General Liability" insurance. A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy is purchased by a business and provides protection against claims by third parties for Bodiliy Injury and Property damage arising from the operations of the insured. Example: ABC Construction Inc. wins a contract to construct a new office building. During construction one of ABC's employees drops a hammer which hits a passing pedestrian on the head. The pedestrian sues ABC Construction for his/her injuries. ABC's general liability insurer will defend ABC in the lawsuit and pay any judgment which may be rendered against ABC (up to the policy limit).
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