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In my opinion, marketing is the art of expanding business, the art of spreading goods and services, following a strategy and action plan based on an advertising base.
Sales is following the direct sales operation between customers (consumers) and the merchant (seller) in the magazine, bazzar, or in a mall.

Depending on how your organization uses the words, there may be no difference or a big difference. Where there is a big difference, sales is often thought of as tactics while marketing is strategy.
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Difference between sales and marketing?

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What is the difference between sale and marketing?

sale is short term where marketing is long term sales is finishing the stock where as marketing is satisfying customer's need. In Marketing, demand been created and the same

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Marketing is the first & broad step to make sales effective. before making sales marketing plan is prepared and when marketing plan is prepared, 4 P's i.e. ( Product, Price, P

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in basic terms, marketing includes sales, i.e sales is subset of marketing. Marketing includes PR, promotion, advertising etc which is simplifying a product's idea into consum

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