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Soap is sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, and these days is usually used only for cleaning human skin, but in the past was used for many other cleaning purposes.

Detergent is a substance used for cleaning, so soap is a type of detergent. Detergents are often surfactants (as is soap), which help to dissolve oils in water, useful in cleaning dirty dishes or greasy skin.

Both detergent and soap can be harmful to skin (but are not always), and neither form kill or remove 100% of bacteria.
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What is the difference between detergent and fabric softener?

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Similarity between soaps and detergents?

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What is the difference between HE laundry detergents and regular laundry detergent?

HE laundry detergents are High Efficiency detergents. They are  designed to make fewer suds than regular detergents and to work in  clothes washers that use less water. 

Difference between soap and detergent?

The two words can be used interchangeably in everyday conversation (I have heard both 'laundry soap' and 'laundry detergent' used). Chemically though,"Detergent" refers to any

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  That's a question of semantics. With very few exceptions, all laundry detergent is "synthetic". Detergent is generally made up of a few kinds of ingredients: an oil base