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What is the difference between soldering and welding?

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ANSWER: Soldering is a joint repair for two pieces of metal, like a chip to a circuit board using lead. Welding is taking two pieces of metal and heating them up to the same temperature and making a single piece of metal out of two separate pieces.
I was taught that soldering,as it relates to piping, is the heating of the base metal to a point to where the filler metal will melt and fill the gap between the two pieces of metal being soldered. The base metal is NOT melted, only the filler metal. Soldering is usually used to join non-ferrous metals. Welding is when the base metal is heated to a point where it will melt and , with the filler metal, becomes part of the weldment. In other words, the two pieces become one, and the resulting weld is now a blend of base metal and filler metal.

soldering is a very low heat (melting temperature of the soldering alloy is less than 840 degrees Fahrenheit), semi-adhesion process, final product: 2 base materials, and a filler material on top. welding is high heat fusion process, final product: a solid blended material
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What is the difference between a Butt weld and a socket weld?

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seam welding is same as of spot welding.' Difference is that in case of seam welding the rotating wheel is used.....nd it is the fast process than spot welding.....

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This isn't a very in-depth explanation, but it seems like the primary difference is that welding is the act of welding, forming two pieces of melting together, whereas weld-ab

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SAW welding is a type of arc welding while ERW welding is spot or  seam welding. SAW stand for submerged arc welding while ERW stands  for electric resistance welding.

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Fusion welding includes processes that depends upon 'melting' to  join similar materials (having same composition and melting  points). Resistance welding is one of the type