What is the difference between the book IT and the movie?

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To truly answer this question would take more time than anyone should bother with, but I can give the overall differences:
  • Missing from the movie was the character of Patrick Hockstetter, as well as a few more minor characters, and the history of the monster in the town of Derry. In the movie, Beverly didn't have sex with the boys in the tunnels on their way out after they believed they killed the monster when they were 12 (early).
  • The character of Beverly Marsh in the book was a very tough tomboyish girl who didn't take crap from anyone (except her father). In the movie, she was played by actresses who portrayed her as very meek, both in her 12 year old and adult years.
  • The movie left out the entire part of the book when they were in the "macrospace" and mentally fighting the monster. In the movie this was simply portrayed as them being hypnotized by the monster.
  • In the movie, the 12 year old group never made it to the "lair of it". They met up with Pennywise in the cellars in some random place.
  • No mention of the Turtle in the movie.
  • Many interactions with Henry were left out of the movie.

There are so many more differences, but I think I hit on most of the ones that really took away important context from the movie version.
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