What is the difference between thermopile and thermocouple?

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A thermopile generates electricity from the heat of a pilot light. It generates about 750 mV that turns on the main gas valve to the fireplace.

A thermocouple is heated by the pilot light but it uses pressure to hold the pilot light gas supply valve open. When the thermocouple is heated, pressure increases holding open the main gas valve. If it cools down, the pressure goes down and closes the gas valve.
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What is a thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor, or more precisely measures temperature differences between two locations. Because it uses only wire in the sensing, it can be useful fo

What is a thermocoupler?

A: By connecting to a single point two dissimilar metal and inserting the point to a temperature a signal is generated,

What is the difference between thermistorsand thermocouples?

A thermistor is a temperature measuring device which acts like a temperature sensitive resistor. It is an active device that requires a current flow to measure its resistance

How do you replace a thermocouple?

Replacing a thermocouple basically consists of removing the connection nut on the old thermocouple in order to remove it. Then insert the new thermocouple in its place and tig

What is the difference between thermocouple and RTD?

A thermocouple measures temperature difference between two points, producing a tiny voltage corresponding to the difference in temperature. To measure temperature with a therm

Describe how a liquid thermometer and a thermocouple are the same and how they are different?

\nBoth are used to measure temperature, but by different means.\n. \nA liquid based thermometer uses the expansion of a liquid with temperature to indicate the temperature, w

Why are two different metals used to make a thermocouple and a thermostat?

Two different metals are used to make a thermocouple or thermostat because when temperature changes, they expand and contract to different extents. So, if they are attached to

What is the difference between thermocouple and thermostat?

A thermocouple is a device which generates an electrical charge when heated. It is often used on a boiler to indicate that the pilot light is on and hot, so it should be s
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What is difference between pt 100 and thermocouple?

What is a thermocouple? Let's split the word: 'thermo and couple'. This means that it has to do with temperature and a couple (two). In the 19th century Mr Seebeck discovere
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What is the difference between the thermocouple and the bimetallic?

Thermo couple is used in heat zones, it produces electrical pulse to activate extinguisher, boilers and etc appliance in aviation/industrial purposes. bimetallic strip devic
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What kind of a device is a thermopile?

Thermopiles respond to changes in temperature and create electricity from this. They are made of thermocouples connected together in a small series depending on the device the
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What does a thermistor do that makes it different from a thermocouple?

a thermistor is a temperature sensitive resistor - tomeasure temperature you must measure its resistance and convertthat resistance to equivalent temperature . a thermocoup