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What is the difference between universe and the solar system?

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A planet exists within a solar system, a solar system exists within a galaxy and a galaxy exists within the universe, which is like, really freaking big.
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What are the similarities and differences between atom structure and solar system?

Both systems involved a "central" area. In an atom electrons orbit a central nucleus, while in the solar system the planets orbit the Sun. In both examples the central area is

Difference between solar system and galaxy?

A solar system is when a star has several planets orbiting around it. A galaxy is a large part of space that has hundreds of billions of stars.

What is the difference between solar system universe and galaxy?

A universe is a area in space that contains many galaxies and a galaxy is a group of stars of 100 billion or more. Finally a solar system is a sun/star that has an orbit (grav

What is the difference between solar system and constellations?

  A solar system is a star with planets orbiting it. A constellation is our view of several stars in patterns. Most constellations are just different stars that are very

Explain the difference between the solar system constellations star clusters galaxies and the universe?

The solar system is a system of planetary objects in revolution around a central star (like our sun). Our solar system is comprised of the following planets: Mercury (closest

What is the difference between your galaxy and your solar system?

  The word "solar" comes from the Latin meaning sun, therefore a solar system involves a sun ie a star. The term "solar system" commonly refers to a star with planets in o

What is the difference between a solar nebula and a solar system?

A nebula is just a cloud of dust and small particles. The solar system is larger bodies like Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Our solar system has had most of the dust coalesced into pla

What is the difference between inner and outer solar system?

The zone from the main asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter) inward to the Sun is informally called the inner solar system and the zone from beyond the asteroid belt to jus

What is the difference between passive solar energy systems and active solar energy systems?

The difference between a passive solar energy system and and active  solar energy system is how the energy is collected and distributed.  In a passive solar energy system, t