What is the difference between universe and the solar system?

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A planet exists within a solar system, a solar system exists within a galaxy and a galaxy exists within the universe, which is like, really freaking big.
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Explain the difference between the solar system constellations star clusters galaxies and the universe?

The solar system is a system of planetary objects in revolution around a central star (like our sun). Our solar system is comprised of the following planets: Mercury (closes

How do universe differ from solar system?

Solar System is our Sun and the eight planets (Plus all the other stuff that revolves around our Sun). The Universe is everything - I mean everything. Trillions of stars, b
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How do planets solar systems and the universe differ?

How does the universe differ from what ? We only know ofthe one, so it's hard to imagine what we could compare it to. If you mean how do these things differ from each other