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What is the difference between webpage and Web Browser?

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A webpage is a page on a website but a web browser is something that displays websites eg internet explorer or AOL etc
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What is the difference between a website and a webpage?

A website may run to many webpages, each of which can be opened to your desktop. 1. One should consider a 'website' as a collection of documents, (from few of them to sometim

Differences between web browser and web server?

A web browser is an application software with help of which you can surf (browse) to web . a web server is a software application usually installed on a more powerful computer

How is computer internet browser different from mobile web browser?

They are different because mobile browsers are modified to view websites that are compatible with mobiles so usually they do not include flash but they can, for example smartp

What are the different types of web browsers?

The most popular are: Internet Explorer Google Chrome Firefox Safari Opera. However, there are literally dozens of browsers that have existed since the "birth" of

Difference between webpage and website?

The difference between a web page and a web sit is that a web page is a single file or page.But a web site includes selections of web pages. web site is a collection of one o

Different types of web browsers?

There are literally dozens of browsers that have existed since the "birth" of the internet. Not including mobile browsers (such as browsers found on some of the earlier cell p

What is the difference between Web Site and Web Browser?

Web site is the client base system (or said to collection of web pages contains information interact with user or client) use to interact over the network. Web Browser is the

What is difference between web browser web server?

A Web browser is somthing used to search the web.   And a web server is like a connection.   Such as??????     Web browser: A software application for retrie

What is the difference between a web server and a web browser?

Web browser means the browser you are using to see the websites ex: internet explorer, firefox, opera,safari etc... A Web browser is somthing used to search the web. And a

What are differences between webpage and website?

a webpage is one page. a website has several webpages linked together. For example, this answer shows up on a webpage, but answers.com host a whole website. Casually speaking,

What is the relationship among a website webpage and web browser?

A webpage on a website is a bit of content wrapped in layout code (right click, and view source to see the actual web page).   A webbrowser is able to interpret the progr

What is the difference between website and web browser?

Website is held by web server which can be accessed through an Internet known as Uniform resource locator (URL) and all public website are called WWW or worldwide web. A web