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What is the difference between webpage and Web Browser?

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A webpage is a page on a website but a web browser is something that displays websites eg internet explorer or AOL etc
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What is the relation between webpages web browsers and websites?

  Answer   A "web browser" is the software interface used to navigate the world wide web (www) or the internet. The most popular example of this is Microsoft's Explor

5 differences between webpage and web browser?

you cant really naswer this question with 5 difrences because they are 2 diffrent things. \n. \nA web browser is the software application that access the web page.\n. \nwebp

What is the difference between website and web browser?

Website is held by web server which can be accessed through an Internet known as Uniform resource locator (URL) and all public website are called WWW or worldwide web. A web

What is the difference between web browser and internet browser?

Hi    webbrowser and internet browser are the same things    But web browser and internet are not the same    And web browser and the correct sentence but

What is Definition and difference of webpage Website and Web browser?

web page: a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser    web site: a computer connected to the int

Difference between web and webpage?

The web is a part of the internet that manages web pages. Individual web pages are found on the web. You can move from one web page to another, while using the web. The web li

Deference of web browsers and webpage?

A web browser is a software application used to browse the internet and view the web pages whereas web page is a document or information resource that is suitable for world wi