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What is the difference between whole milk and sterilized milk?

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You are talking about 2 different things. Whole milk is milk that has not been "skimmed" or had its milk fat removed. Whole milk contains about 4% milk fat, while reduced-fat milk varieties may contain 1 or 2% milk fat. Skim milk has no milk fat left, and is also called "fat free" milk.

Pasteurization is the sterilization process by which foods, including milk, are treated in order to kill pathogens which can cause disease. Any variety of milk may be pasteurized. In fact, whole, 2%, 1% or skim pasteurized milk are widely available in most grocery stores in the United States and Canada.
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What is the difference between pasteurized milk and sterilized milk?

Do not know Pasteurized milk is milk which has been heat-treated to kill pathogens which cause disease. Not all pathogens are removed during the pasteurization process, so pas

What is the difference between vitamin d milk and whole milk?

  The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) establishes standards for different types of milk and milk products. Some states use these standards, while others have th

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  Milk in Western societies come from cows and soybean milk comes from the soybean. Other than this difference and other obvious ones, Cow's milk has a different kind of f

What are the differences between milk and powder milk?

the difference is that one is dry one is wet. DUH Obviously you can taste the difference? that's because the make up of powdered milk is different to that of normal milk.

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Buttermilk is a by product of making butter from whole milk, slightly sour and is the liquid that is left when butter has been churned. Whole milk is milk that has normally be

How is milk sterilized?

Pasteurization. I believe the process involves heat to kill bacteria but I'm unsure of the exact steps that go into it.

What is the difference between raw milk and milk?

"raw milk" is actually called milk or natural milk and "milk" is pasteurised milk. "raw milk" is milk which can contain bacteria and diseases which can harm you and "milk" is