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What is the difference between wild turkeys and farm turkeys?

Physically there's not much difference between the heritage breeds of domesticated turkeys and wild turkeys. They can both fly, naturally mate and have the ability to learn to forage and live without humans. They are similar weight and proportion. The domesticated heritage turkeys tend to get bigger than the wild turkeys because they are fed more consistently and have been bred for size. Heritage and wild turkeys go from hatch to slaughter in 6-10 months.
Broad breasted turkeys, currently the type of turkey that is most farmed, are unable to fly, cannot mate naturally (must be artificially insemnated) and have a faster weight gain than wild or heritage turkeys, typically going from hatch to slaughter in 4 or 5 months.
A heritage turkey breed is on that is similar or identical to one that was domesticated and present on farms 50 to 100 years ago. Examples of heritage turkey breeds are narragansett, blue slate, bourbon red, standard bronze and royal palm. Examples of wild turkeys are eastern wild turkey, Rio grande wild turkey, merriams wild turkey. Examples of currently domesticated are broad breasted white turkey, broad breasted bronze turkey.
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Are wild turkeys native to California?

Turkeys are native to North America east of the Rocky Mountains and have been introduced to areas across the globe. The first record of Turkeys being introduced to California (MORE)

How toCook wild turkey?

  As far as I know, there would be no difference between cooking farm raised turkey and wild turkey. If you, or someone else, is shooting and bringing turkey home, hope (MORE)
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Wing span of a wild turkey?

Males are 46" tall with a wingspan of 64", females are smaller at 37" and a wingspan of 50"
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What is the difference between a kosher turkey and a fresh turkey?

i don't think there is one, unless the fresh turkey is not kosher. They are quite different. Kosher turkeys, like any kosher poultry, must have been slaughtered in a specific (MORE)
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Can wild turkeys move eggs?

it depends on where they nest. some nest on the ground and some nest in trees. the ground nesters can move the eggs a short distance but the tree nesters cant.
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