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What is the difference in the lower end of a 1982 GM motor and a 1996 GM motor?

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1 piece rear main seal and the mounting location for the fuel pump is blocked off. May have bosses cast in lifter vally for hydrolic roller cam on the newer block
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Firing order for a 3.1 gm motor?

back 1-3-5 front 2-4-6 1-4-6-3-5-2 Often the trio of dual coil packs are numbered accordingly. These coil packs can often be found mounted to the engine block under the forwa

Is there supposed to be an oil slinger on the end of the crankshaft on a 2000 GM 2.4 DOHC motor?

No... The Haynes repair book has it in there but I have taken apart and rebiult over a dozen GM 2.4L DOHC engines and NONE have had one of those oil slinger's. I have tried to

87 gm 2.8 v6 motor swap out with 93 gm 3.4 v6?

Regarding rear-drive usage, yes. Front-drive is way more complicated. Engines from front wheel drive cars do not swap to rear-drive vehicles, they are different, obviously.

Who makes gm goodwrench motor oil?

Until very reciently ExxonMobil made GM oil. that does not mean that is is standard Exxon or Mobil oil. many oil manufacturers custom blend oil for different retailers. Some h
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Does 4.8 gm motor have afm?

No, they do not. In 2010 they added VVT which gave a slight improvement in HP and flattened the torque curve nicely. I have a 2010 LS extended cab with the 4.8 and I love it.