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What is the difference in the lower end of a 1982 GM motor and a 1996 GM motor?

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1 piece rear main seal and the mounting location for the fuel pump is blocked off. May have bosses cast in lifter vally for hydrolic roller cam on the newer block
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Is the 3.4 liter gm engine an interference type motor?

A 3.4 liter GM engine is an interference type motor which has very  tight tolerances. If the timing is off slightly, it can result in  catastrophic failure.

Is there supposed to be an oil slinger on the end of the crankshaft on a 2000 GM 2.4 DOHC motor?

No... The Haynes repair book has it in there but I have taken apart and rebiult over a dozen GM 2.4L DOHC engines and NONE have had one of those oil slinger's. I have tried to

Are GM General Motors engines two stroke engines?

GM did make 2 stroke diesel engines used in trucks and busses..they were noisy, requierd a super charger to run, loved to drink but very powerful.

87 gm 2.8 v6 motor swap out with 93 gm 3.4 v6?

Regarding rear-drive usage, yes. Front-drive is way more complicated. Engines from front wheel drive cars do not swap to rear-drive vehicles, they are different, obviously.

What gm motors fit turbo hydramatic transmission 425?

Any engine with a BOP bellhousing bolt pattern. Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Cadillac overhead valve V-8s and V-6s.

Are gm motor mounts filled with hydraulic fluid?

Some of their mounts are, for example the Chevy Venture minivan uses hydraulic filled mounts.