What is the differences between centrifugal and reciprocating pump?

centrifugal pump uses centrifugal action while reciprocati pump operates on resiprocating motion of piston
A centrifugal pump will typically give you a higher flow rate but a lower pressure, where a piston pump will give you more pressure but a lower flow rate.
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What is the difference between centrifugal force and centripetal?

Centripetal and centrifugal forces   Centripetal force is directed toward the center of rotation of an orbiting body or object following a curved path. Centrifugal force (MORE)

Difference between g and RPM in centrifugation?

  What is the difference between RCF and RPM when considering microcentrifuge tubes?   RPM stands for "rotations per minute" and is the way manufacturers describe the (MORE)

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A centrifuge is used in chemistry to spin liquids very quickly in order to separate their components. They are used in laboratories, and are commonly used to separate plasma f (MORE)

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What is difference between centrifuge and ultra-centrifuge?

centrifugation machines spin a sample at up to somewhere around the 2000g mark. Some go much higher, some much lower. An ultracentrifuge kicks *** compared to this though. run (MORE)

Difference between centrifugal compressor and reciprocating compressor?

Reciprocating and centrifugal pumps serve different purposes and operate with separate functions. Centrifugal pumps transport huge amounts of liquid at a time, but the level a (MORE)

What is the different between centrifugal force and centripetal?

A moving object with no force acting on it continues moving in a straight line. It takes a force to bend it away from a straight path. As long as an external force acts on (MORE)