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Traditional media includes sources such as television and radio to broadcast news and entertain individuals. Modern media incorporates other types of technology such as computers and digital information to bring information to people.
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What is the difference between communication and media?

Media represents forms of communication through technology such as  radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet.  Communication, on the other hand, not only co

What is the difference between press and media?

'Press' includes only the print media such as magazines , newspapers , news weeklies etc. while on the other hand 'Media' not only includes the print media but it contains the

What is the difference between Print Media vs Electronic Media?

Print media is being challenged by its electronic counterpart. But there are several unique advantages that help both the mediums to create a niche place in the media industry

What is the difference between magnetic media and optical media?

Optical media is written and read on disks with lasers, such as a CD-Roms, BluRays, and DVDs. Magnetic media is written and read with magnets (like your hard drive and a flopp

What is the difference between advertising and media?

Advertising is the displaying of an advertisement created either by an agency or company. Media is the vehicle for which advertising is made accessible to the company's market

Difference between media and mass media?

Mass Media are diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication, while Media are the tools used to store and deliver informatio

What is the difference between media and multimedia?

  Media is everything form TV, Film, Radio, Print etc to computers, internet etc such as youtube for example. But Media concentrate on the main ones like TV, Radio etc. IT

Difference between selective media and differential media?

a media is known selective when we add some growth factor for specific type of organisms which are needed, which give support to grow for them only.. and differential media is

How is social media different from traditional media?

Traditional media is considered to be 'spoonfed' sources of information - a one-way conversation where some media outlet or publisher says "Here you go. This is it." Whereas w

What is the difference between media and medium?

The noun media is the plural form of the singular  noun medium when it is a word for:    a particular form or system of communication (such as  newspapers, radio, or te